Whip Basics Ring Of Trust

Whip Basics Ring of Trust

The WB Ring of Trust is a group of whip makers with integrity.
Our goal is to create transparency, reliability, and the best customer service available.

Every one of these whip makers have their own business rules which you can find on their websites. The URLs are right on our Whip Makers page.

Although we have different business rules, there is one rule which applies to all:

In the unlikely event that a customer receives a poorly made whip, a whip which doesn't fit into the promised standards or is sent in poor condition by the respective whip maker, and the problem can't be solved with the whip maker who made that whip, the customer can send the whip to one of the members from the ring of trust. It will be inspected carefully.

If something is wrong with the whip, the customer will receive a new whip made by one of the other members of the WB ring of trust.

Just one thing... Please don't tear your whip apart by cracking it with so much power that the laces rip apart, or by using it on gravel and/or concrete, or any other form of abuse. The members from the WB ring of trust will gladly help you out when one of our member whip makers makes a mistake. They will not correct your own mistakes!

Damaging your own whip is not a matter of trust in this special group of whip makers. It is simply you listening to advice on how to use and care for your whip. Or not.

And here you'll find the honorable whip makers, who form the WB ring of trust.

Contact can only be made to the Ring of Trust
if the complaint is regarding a Ring of Trust whipmaker!

WB Ring of Trust Whip Makers

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