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After a couple of successful builds, I was a little sad that this whip went so badly.  There are a lot of mistakes and issues with plaiting and knots.  I'm not thrilled.  I just wanted it over with. It's been rolled a little.  No wax yet.  It is a good practice whip I guess.  6'  The handle is pretty I guess.  I wanted to see how this style would look with the knots.




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Jessie, I have to admit this doesn't look anything like as nice as the last two - but you've certainly achieved something: I think this is your first heel knot! The next one will be better.....

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I think you should be nicer to yourself.  It looks fine and someone will be thrilled to have it.  Not everyone can be your best.


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I agree with Bobbi. I really like the style with the wood between the dark brown knots.


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You're ahead:
You see what you want to do better on!  If you make one and it flops and you know why, you can make the next one better. 

Nice knots, really cool work on the handle!

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I don't think you give yourself enough credit, Jessie! Like Erik, I love the contrast the decorative knots make with the wood!

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Jessie, I agree with you.
This is not up to par with the other two you have made.

The transition knot looks like it is unfinished and needs tightening or something.
Maybe it's a little too long? I don't know. It's hard to tell from a photo.

The veneer looks muddled or not as distinct as the others. Almost blurry, but that might be the angle of the camera and reflection. Finish rolling it and wax it and crack it and tell us how you feel about it then.

What would you change in the next one different from this one? Use your notes and write down what you don't like and what's good. Then make the adjustment.

Over all though it's a whip that others would love to have and crack.
I know I would.


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I missed a lead in both knots.  At one point I undered when I should have overed.  I had to add in strands where I shorted myself.  It's a mess.  I just wanted it over.  The next one will be better. smile

Due to rising costs, dirty deeds are no longer done dirt cheap. 


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I know what you mean Jessie. I've been building a whip and just known that it's not coming out right but just wanted it finished regardess so I can move on to the next. Still, it's all part of the learning proess, isn't it.

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