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Hello, Whip Basics!

As you probably already know, there will be a new donation campaign for the dog shelters this year. Robby has wanted to make this an annual event, but as he's still in recovery, the responsibility has fallen to me. Before I open the floor to offers of donations, I wanted to set up a few guidelines about submissions and how they should be handled.

Before I get started with that, I would like to say that this thread is primarily for prize donation signups and discussion about how it should be handled. Replies to this thread should reflect that intent, so as not to clutter the thread with things like "I agree!" or, "Good idea!". I will need to be able to refer to this thread later, for sending out reminders and such, so it is important to keep it concise and on-topic. I thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The first thing I want to talk about is commitment. I know I said it in the main thread, but I'm going to say it again here. If you sign your name here, you are declaring to the community that you are going to carry through. You are giving your word of honor that you're going to help out. That shouldn't be taken lightly. Nobody is required to donate anything, but if you say you will...please do so. This thread is visible to everyone, so it will be no secret that you volunteered.

It may be necessary to ship a raffle prize overseas, which can be expensive. As we have no knowledge of where a prize is going, before the drawing is completed, each contributor should be ready and willing to pay the shipping costs to get their prize where it's going. This includes customs forms and other paperwork. Please be ready to deal with those things when the time comes.

I also wanted to discuss the types of donations. I felt like we should try to keep the dollar value of each prize as close to each other as possible. I think it's the fairest way. If somebody wins a $200 whip, and somebody else gets a whip that goes for far less...well, yeah, it's still a great prize, but somebody got the short end of the stick, didn't they? I'm real big on equality and fairness, so we should have a sit down and talk about how we can make this happen. I love you guys, and I don't want anyone to feel like they got a raw deal. Naturally, I'm not going to be counting pennies, but a general target area would be fine.

As was mentioned in the main thread, I feel like discussing the types of whips donated would also be a great idea (thank you, Tyler). The idea was to introduce a little bit of variety in the donations, so that we're not just handing out multiple variants of the same exact whip. How that will play out with the interest in keeping values similar, I don't know yet. I encourage discussion on that point.

I will be sending reminders, periodically, to anyone who signs up to donate, and requesting progress reports on their respective donations. This is more to keep the donors active and engaged than anything else. It's harder to forget about a project when you're discussing it regularly. Photos will be a huge help here, because you can't take a picture of something you don't have.

Last point to mention here is the type of donation: It doesn't have to be a whip! Both Roy Partin and Jessie Edwards spoke with me about the possibility of donating things other than whips, and I love the idea. It would give people an opportunity to help out who don't have time to make a whip, and it would open the door for people to win more stuff (because, let's face it: whips take a while to make, don't they?). We have artists, jewelry makers, woodworkers, leatherworkers...we have a pretty diverse skillset here! If you make something other than whips, why not contribute that?

To that end, I would like to split the raffle into two drawings this year. The first drawing will be for whips. Anyone who wins a whip will be ineligible to win from the second drawing. Entrants in the second drawing can win multiple times, depending on how much stuff we have to pick from. If we get a lot of prizes donated, I don't see a problem with pulling names until we run out of prizes.

Roy has graciously offered to supply merchandise from Whip Nation as raffle prizes. We could be looking at whipmaking supplies, whip bags, T-shirts...I don't even know what else. If we could get some leatherworking supplies, like leather dressing, or some spare leather scrap that a winner could experiment on, that would be perfect as well. If you have a spare copy of "How To Make Whips", that could make a good prize. Lacing needles (I know a guy who makes them ^_~), paracord packages, fingerless gloves for plaiting...the list of things that would be useful to a whipmaker is practically endless.

Now...some of us do not make whips, and I've already thought of that. I think that a winner should be allowed to negotiate with other winners for a swap, if they legitimately have no use for the prize they win. Imagine if they won a bag of scrap leather and a strand beveling knife. What would they do with that? I think it's reasonable to account for that possibility. However...that will have to be handled by the winners. You guys are all really great people: I'm sure you can handle that without any trouble.

At this time, I believe we can shoot for September 9 for the drawing. That is the absolute deadline. That's two months and some change, folks. Plenty of time to complete a donation. Please remember that this is for a cause, so if you sign your name here, we're counting on you. And so are the animals.


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Hi Whip Basics !!!

I want to contribute a bullwhip and paypal donations as well to this project !!!

All the best


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No question I'm in!

This time I will do a Snake Whip and a few paracord bracelets of various designs and colours.


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A whip from me, length/etc to be determined yet depending on average value which is yet to be set by the powers that be.

Inch by inch.


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From my collection, I'll contribute a 5-foot leather stock whip, probably made by Brian Nemeth of Australia.

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I'm definitely in for a whip- before I lock down the specs, (or any of us do) I suggest we nail down the price range that we should work within (good idea David!)  I think that $200 as mentioned is a good starting point, but perhaps a range of $25 -$50 one way or another would be in order?  That way we have some leeway to account for different materials- if someone wishes to donate a leather whip we don't want to pigeonhole them into a very short model, for example.

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I won't have time to make a whip for the project.  However, if I have a whip that doesn't sell at combatcon,  I will donate that.  And count me in for $ donations as well.