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Very good, Ron. You improved a lot, compared to the last shots. If you like to climb a ladder, you have to take the first steps. And that is what those basic cracks are. The first steps. One thing - when you know where you are, it is not necessary to turn every single time you bring the whip behind you. That disturbs your concentration. Stay focused. I do that myself, sometimes. But only to avoid to bring the whip somewhere into Claudia's flowers... And - believe me - Claudia has planted things all over! When I am out in the field, where I know that nothing is behind me, I don't turn my head at all. This will help you to feel what the whip does and where it is.

Oh yeah - perhaps you can try to step a bit more away from the camera. At the moment you can be seen at least a little bit. If you go back a little more, you will be invisible!  wink  Come closer to the cam, will you?


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Re: Whip Practice

Thank you Robby.
I agree about the head turning, not only does it break concentration but it's very annoying on the video to watch.
Yeah, I am way too far from the camera, any further I would have to hand out binoculars just to watch it. Did I ever mention that I was a member of the "X-Men" team and invisibility is one of my talents ? smile
Thank you Robby for taking the time to view it and comment . It means a lot to me. I always listen and try to apply it to the next practice session.


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Re: Whip Practice

I'm very impressed. I have the cattleman's crack at it's very worst/Got a little inspiration there. I'll have to watch that a few more times.


Re: Whip Practice

Guy, do a search for the 10/10 challenge and the 20/20 challenge.  We did a new crack every 10 days, then harder cracks every 20 days.

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