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Pokkis, that's quite splendid! Congratulations, Craig!

'Less is often more!'


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Congratulations Craig!  That is a nice looking whip there.  Job well done Pokkis!

Here's wishing you find time for the things you want to do, and for the things you need to do.
We see ourselves in our children and hope for a better future.


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Thanks, everyone!

So a little about the whip there. The handle is aluminium and carbon fiber, and the heel concho is a 7.62x39 shell casing that flew out of a Finnish military issue Rk62 assault rifle because of course I had to put in a little detail like that. My original intention was to get a .338 Lapua casing fired with a TRG-42, but found those really hard to come by. Can't be too picky with stolen military ordnance I guess tongue

There's a (lightly) steel ball loaded core covered with the basic 8-, 12 and 16-plait. No bolsters, all the mass there is comes from the steel and wax. The thong pattern is sort of an accident. I was going for something slightly different but had a brain malfunction while arranging the strands into the square start, but sort of liked some chaos in the pattern and decided not to start over.

Before sending, I only cracked that whip once myself. I'm pretty sure you'll spend a while breaking it in as the video suggests -- it's actually stiffer towards the point than I thought.

- Pokkis


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That's a cool looking whip, very non-conformist. It's got Pokkis written all over it. Very cool, and I'm sure also very functional.
Congratulations Craig.
Also, you don't get a stiffer transition by packing it with more material, you need to bind real tight and a lot.
There is no substitute for it.


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Nice work Pokkis! Looks great Craig - these 'reveals' are so much fun!


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Thanks again!

Fritz, that's true, a stiff binding doesn't necessarily translate to lots of added thickness. The trick is to do the binding on all layers and pull it tight. The one between second belly and overlay does have enough sinew on this one to add actual thickness, but not as much as one might think. Just enough to compensate the difference in diameter between the handle cup and second belly.

- Pokkis


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Pokkis I know I already commented on this but you know this thing is high class bad to the bone right?  That is TOO cool, more I look at it more little details I see.  It is one sleek piece of work.

Inch by inch.


Re: Antti "Pokkis" Mäkinen

I love the look of it. This whole project is so cool.  Thank you Pokkis, for setting it up.

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