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Speedy recovery, Taylor!!!  Do not overwork yourself, Brother.  Please take good care smile. Sending healing thoughts your way!
And under an actual roof, with walls, that's something to be happy for!!!
I really do look forward to seeing your art!

Inch by inch.


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Taylor, please take care of yourself! If you need a doctor, see a doctor! if you aren't well, you can't do anything properly!

'Less is often more!'


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Be well sir, staying healthy has to be a top priority in order to properly attend to all the other priorities.



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Dude, take care of yourself. Seriously.

- Pokkis


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Ah, the feeling!

Congrats again on walls and roof!

Take it easy man.


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Thanks all. Think I just let things get out of hand while focused on gtting a house, not eating or sleeping well, and when we did find this place, y body just collapsed. Wah. Ill fight through it, just sucks. Docs want money or insurance, neither of which I possess so ..... lots of hot showers.


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Taylor, I am in the same boat.
I also have some surgery coming up.
I will just pay what I can when I can. There's no other choice.
It's either that or just let the cancer do what ever.

I have faith that it will all be just as the powers that be want it. smile

Being superstitious is bad luck.