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Thanks Bobbi for that informative information.

It's ok if you disagree with me.
I can't force you to be right.


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Nope. Hassett's four corners is a combination of the helicopter and fast figure eights overhead. To me it looks like epileptic attack; others say it's the most complicated crack ever. Hm.

That rodondo is something like the "pigdrover's crack". But here too - a lot of names for one and the same thing. But it is definitely not Hassett's four corners  smile


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Thanks, Robby. In any case, I've never been able to do Hassett's Four Corners!

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Hi Bobbi,
  What a great whip- unfortunately, it's owner is not it's equal.  I agree with Robby's analysis and his advice- the guy was rushing it, and wouldn't you be happier knowing it was with Robert, who will treasure and appreciate it?  I just finished my first 12 footer and it feels really heavy to me, I can just imagine how much heavier one would be in paracord.  It's kind of like if I were to complain that my .44 magnum kicks more than a 9mm.... duh, right?

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Bobbi, first of all my compliments to your whips!!! Fantastic and fine choice of color and pattern. mother nature is so always so kind to provide us with this beautiful snake and we can take inspiration for them.
Re. "The whipcraker" i've seen the video and what i can say is: It's not enough to have a Stradivari to make it play .... and Bobby believe me you made a Stradivari wink

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Your plaiting just takes my breath away Bobbi! Maybe someday I'll get there, maybe someday!