Topic: Best length whip for body wraps?

As the title suggests.. I'm looking into including body wraps into the show alongside cutting roses and bananas and courgettes wink

So what length is best to purchase? 10, 12 feet? Or could I get away with 9?

Thanks in advance!



Re: Best length whip for body wraps?

Jasamine, a 9-footer is certainly long enough, although longer whips can be spectacular. Let's see what Robby suggests, but it really depends on much experience of whips you have. If you're a beginner, then I know Robby recommends 8-foot maximum - and I'd agree. Before you just go and buy something, you might ask (here on the Forum) for more specific advice about what to buy. There are 8-footers - and 8-footers. (There's an awful lot of rubbish out there!) If you have body wraps in mind, it will be important to get a good whip to start with. You'll learn far quicker, be much more accurate, and do your stunts more safely. But a high price doesn't automatically guarantee high quality!

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Re: Best length whip for body wraps?

I've seen videos of people doing wraps with 7-footers with a seemingly longer fall than "usual". That makes sense. Of course longer is better, but a 12-footer can get too long for everything else, so it might be sensible to think what else besides wraps you wish to do and how big your stage will be. 12 feet is a lot of whip after all, add to that your arm, the fall and the cracker, and that's how much space you need downrange. Those things also hit pretty damn hard so extra caution is needed.

I have pretty much no experience with body wraps so consider this just thinking out loud instead of actual expert advice. I'd probably go with a, say, 8-footer with an English eye and have separate falls for target cutting and wrapping.

Just my two cents.

- Pokkis


Re: Best length whip for body wraps?

I'm not into body wraps but I do have a bit of experience with 12 feet whips. I would have to agree with Mr Robert and Pokkis on this one. I'm sure it can be done with a long whip and practice but 8 feet sounds more sensible to me. I also agree on waiting to see what Robby's recommendation is.

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Re: Best length whip for body wraps?

Hi Jasamine,
an interesting question. I would you recommend a light whip with a long handle, because it is much easier to control. If the whip is good balanced and roll out clean, you can be very accurat with 10 ft. or more.
My most favorit whip is a very slime 7ft. bullwhip with a 12 inch handle. This whip is perfect for all tricks and cracks and I can practise many hours without get tired (an important fact for an artist)
Another question is how much space you have at the show/on the stage.


Re: Best length whip for body wraps?

The "trick" with the longer fall is a tricky one (I know. I couldn't resist). A longer fall (too long) starts easily to flutter and is very hard to control. A nine footer is okay for body wraps. A 10 footer is better. The longer the whip is, the more time it takes to roll out. And one of the "cool" things on body wraps is to see the whip rolling out slow and elegant. A 12 footer is okay, too; no doubt. The question is how experienced you are in handling long and heavy whips. I can do body wraps with a five foot whip - but the optical effect will be zero. So - yes - a 9 footer will do the job. What I am not sure about is this - how long are cracking whips, now? Target, body wraps... You can do what ever you like, but when a body wrap isn't performed properly it can pretty bad hurt the person on the other end of the whip. Anyway - I hope, this was helpful.


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Re: Best length whip for body wraps?

Practice round a  target stand or a rolled up carpet or anything inanimate to get your muscle memory and hand-eye coordination to work it out
You can also do body wraps round yourself, they're pretty cool as a performance piece.


Re: Best length whip for body wraps?

Excellent advice folks, thanks for getting back to me on this.

I have zero experience of longer whips, I have two each of five feet and seven feet, seven feet being more than long enough for what we use them for during our performance. I prefer the five footers personally as there isn't always a lot of space, and they crack impressively enough. I would only consider wrapping a person once I'd managed to be accurate 100% of the time, but you only get there by taking the plunge and trying it out!

I will ponder whether to aim for a 9 or 10 foot whip.. I like the karaka whips I have been ordering from home of poi to use at the moment, we can't consider investing in something more pricey this year as there are other things we need first.. But they only come up to 9 feet, hence the question. Our time will come! smile

Good advice re: rolled up carpet. Fritz I've seen self body wraps and yes they do look good! I definitely need to practice wraps as it's not something I've worked on yet. With whip practice I find it's good t be working on a few things at the same time as it keeps my ADHD brain occupied!

Thanks again for the great advice, all duly noted and considered.


Re: Best length whip for body wraps?

P.S I will come back to this thread when I'm in a position to purchase!


Re: Best length whip for body wraps?

I like the look of the self wraps during a routine.  Robby actually covers some of that in his videos.  I also think the longer whips look nicer all around and for body wraps.  I am still a rather round lady at this point in my journey, therefore, a 6 foot whip looks very much like a marshmallow wrapping a spaghetti noodle around itself, but my brother in law has a 10-foot and I can actually wrap that one rather nicely without looking like too much of an ass.  Practice first though.  I mean really.  Practice like mad with the shorter ones so that you can control all the lengths.

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