Re: Roy Partin lottery whip....

Beautiful whip! Roy certainly does quality work.

Here's wishing you find time for the things you want to do, and for the things you need to do.
We see ourselves in our children and hope for a better future.


Re: Roy Partin lottery whip....

David Cross wrote:

There is a definite difference between a craftsman and a guy who sells whips.

Damn, David... I tell people not to klick that "quote" button all the time, but this time I had to. Why and how do you say things that are more spot on than anything I could ever say? You should write a book, man. Serious! You say so much really good things - and true things! - I don't get it  smile  And to avoid misunderstandings resulting in my limited english - this was supposed to be a huge compliment to you.

On the whip. Well, Taylor. Now you own your own original Roy Partin whip. That's it. I don't have anything more to say. Because there is nothing more to say.

And - come back home safe, okay? We need you here.


I have a screwdriver. I am Legend...


Re: Roy Partin lottery whip....

Robby, thank you. It's high praise coming from you. And, before you rush to congratulate others, you should take a look at your own words, too! You've said some really profound things. There is a reason you have earned the respect that you have.

For my own part, I just say what I mean. Whatever I see as true. I think I'm slowly getting better at expressing my thoughts, because of the freedom and acceptance I get here; I'm not afraid to speak my mind here. There's no sword dangling over my head. Most other places I've been, you can be kicked out for speaking up.

Say what you mean, and it will have an impact.


Re: Roy Partin lottery whip....

Arrrrgh! Jealous...

You're one lucky man Taylor.

Think for yourself, act for everyone.


Re: Roy Partin lottery whip....

Taylor, wish you much fun with this beautiful whip... and, by the way, excellent master craftsmanship Roy.



Re: Roy Partin lottery whip....

Thank you all. It was a real pleasure to be involved in this event. It was for such a great cause

He died for me, I'll live for him