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Topic: The Whip Swap 2015 -- rules and signing up

Hello, Whip Basics!

In the year 2014 we had a whip swap. The idea was very simple and lots of fun, and making it a regular event sounds like a reasonable thing to do. So here we go again.

The idea is that all participants will donate and receive a whip, with the only exception being Robby, who has offered to donate the full Whip Basics DVD set. If for any reason this is a problem for you, and if you would only participate if the DVD set were taken out of the game, let it be known as soon as possible.

The trick here is that each of you will know who shall eventually receive your personal donation, but that's it. Who will get what from whom is the big surprise. Everything else you need to know -- including how to sign up -- can be found within this message, so please read it carefully. Any questions or problems, contact me via private message or email and I'll reply as soon as possible.

These are the rules for the Whip Basics (henceforth refered to as "WB") whip swap event of 2015.


The raffle will be on August 31st, which means that all who wish to participate must sign in before that date.

The deadline for sending the whips is December 1st. This way we can make sure that all whips reach their new homes by the end of the year, and there should still be plenty of time for the actual build.


All participants are required to give their address, personal phone number and email. This information will only be accessible to Pokkis (henceforth refered to as "me", "myself" or "I"), and will only be shared on a strict need-to-know basis. Simply put, the only one apart from myself receiving your information as defined above will be the person chosen to send your whip or any other previously agreed donation to you.

Don't post your information on this thread, send me a private message instead.


The general idea of the raffle is simple. Everyone participating in the whip swap will have their name on two slips of paper. One of those papers will go into a container labeled "donate", the other one will go into a container labeled "receive".

These names will then be drawn from the containers by a person who is not participating in the raffle itself, and who is not even familiar with any of the names except for mine. First name comes from "donate", and the next one from "receive". These names are then paired. If both of the names for one pair end up being the same, they will be put back into their respective containers and drawn again. Drawing names and pairing them will then continue until both containers are empty. If by some freaky accident should the last two names drawn be same, both this pair and the previously drawn pair will be put back into the containers and drawn again.

This event will be put on video and the person drawing the names will be showing his/her face and stating his/her name prior to it just to make this as official as possible. The video will be shared via Youtube after everything is delivered and there are no surprises to spoil.

The paired names will be gathered into a spreadsheet which will only be accessible to me -- at least until the end of the swap event, after that I will willingly share all raw data and material gathered if any of the participants ask for a copy. Excluding addresses, phone numbers and anything else that isn't already public on the WB forum.


The donating participants will then be contacted via WB forum private messages with details of those chosen as their recipients. When you receive those details, reply to the private message with an acknowledgement that you have received all details you need for making the actual delivery. In case of a problem with the recipient's information, contact me first and I'll figure it out.

The idea is that your chosen recipient doesn't know what he/she is getting until seeing the package. Therefore you are expected not to share the name of the one you're making a whip for. Not even clues, the less everyone knows the more fun this will be.


The whip can be of any type. Snake, stock, bull, cow, hunt, David Hasselhoff, anything. Even a matched pair if you feel like going the distance. Maybe you know the preference of your recipient and want to go with that, maybe you want to go with the style that's your "thing", maybe you want to go nuts and invent something marvelously bonkers because life is too short for conforming and Dada never dies. Anything goes, as long as it's a whip and you really want to put your name on it. The material you use is your own choice, as long as it's considered an actual whip material.

Just one absolute limitation. No mini whips. Mind you, I consider those my personal "thing", so this is not a decision made just to annoy anyone personally. While it would be best to keep the definitions rough and leave room for common sense, here are the measurement limits copied from the previous whip swap as originally written by Alex Lewis:

- Stock, Cow, Hunt and similar, minimum length 4'
- Bull and Snake, minumum length 5'

These measurements are the absolute minimums, remember to take note on how length is measured in different whip types. Also there is no upper limit. Feel free to go nuts yet again, no one will hate you for making a 15-footer because why the hell not. Trust me.

It's very much encouraged to start a thread for your whip. This is not mandatory, and no one will think less of you if you don't. It's your choice as much as the color and patterns of the overlay, you're the artist here so the presentation is also for you to decide upon. The whip thread can -- but doesn't have to -- be a complete build thread from core to cracker, but teaser threads are also very much welcome. Again, you're the artist, so feel free to make it exactly as you wish. This is no competition.


The delivery costs will be in every case handled by the sender, no exceptions apply to this. Please make sure that the recipient will have no problems with customs formalities at their end. This means making sure that the contents of the package -- the whip and anything extra you might choose to include -- don't exceed any maximum marked values or violate any import laws. Consult your local post office or other delivery company you use for details.

When you have sent the whip, let me know via private message. This way I can keep track of the logistics. Details such as delivery tracking are the responsibility of the sender, and any problems that might arise in the form of misdelivered or lost/broken packages are discussed and solved between the sender and receiver.


Once you receive your whip, create a new thread and show it off. This is where photos are absolutely mandatory. Share your opinion, give pointers to the maker. Cracking videos are also nice but not mandatory.


By signing up in the event you agree with the rules stated above and this entire post in general. Only force majeure events can bend, stretch or otherwise reshape the rules, so read them carefully just in case.

To sign up, send me a private message with your postal address, email and phone number. I will let you know when that information is received and added to the list of participants.

Last but not least, the most important rule: Do your best. Nothing more, nothing less. Nobody is expecting you to turn superhuman just for this event, but this may very well be your chance to get valid opinions on your work. Maybe you're a beginner whose whip will be handled by a professional, or maybe you're a professional whose whip will mark the first time a beginner handles a professional whip.

Have fun, and ask if you have any questions!

- Pokkis

NOTE: This post was last edited on August 19th 2015. The rules did not change, only the dates for the raffle and deadline were added because they were first left out. Person or persons responsible for this will be called rude names and denied bathroom access for the next five minutes.


Re: The Whip Swap 2015 -- rules and signing up

Do we have a cutoff date? I couldn't see one noted?

Think for yourself, act for everyone.


Re: The Whip Swap 2015 -- rules and signing up

Oh, seems that I forgot something. Thanks, Rog. It was past midnight when I posted, so it would've been a miracle if everything had gone smoothly tongue

The names will be drawn on August 31st, so sign up before that date.

The deadline for sending the whips out is December 1st.

- Pokkis