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I really don't know. I haven't received a response to my emails, which makes me question the character of the "victim". It's sad that I have to think that way, but I do. I omit no possibilities.

We're dealing with an apparently distressed dog owner, but who won't return my emails, and an extremely disreputable "rescue" owner. I don't know enough to make any determinations, and information is not forthcoming.

I want to know what's going on, but I can't force her to talk to me. I've raised the alarm and have a wonderful group of awesome people who are ready to go to war over it...and I can't get contact with her.

I don't like to be distrustful of people, but that doesn't sound right to me. I need more information.


Re: Red Alert - Dog Emergency

I want the dog. Hes gorgeous. And you could deliver him to me David. Three birds, one stone, so to speak


Re: Red Alert - Dog Emergency

I'm confused now.


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You're not the only one. I will help if I can, but only when I know exactly what to do. I don't know that yet.


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David, I will be glad to pitch in if its needed but hopefully the law can get it straightened out. I despise a damn animal thief. Do they not realize that they are taking someone's family member? This very subject was on our local news yesterday morning. They highly suggested the microchip for pet owners. Taylor, just message me your address.

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Re: Red Alert - Dog Emergency

Disreputable animal ”shelters” and/or ”rescuers” are a problem everywhere, it seems. In Sweden we have a problem with extensive puppy smuggling, the poor things come from some kind of puppy mill/backyard breeders abroad. The conditions under which they are shipped here are just hideous (a significant portion of them die during transport), not to mention the parasites and diseases they bring.

We also have “rescue organizations” who help people to adopt what is presumed to be “street dogs” from this or that country. As it has turned out, quite a few of these foreign “rescue centers” are simply disguised puppy mills – the actually PRODUCE “street dogs”! The “clear papers” turns out to be fake, or the result of a bribed vet.

Unfortunately, the idea of somebody like this stealing a dog or refusing to return it to its rightful owner in order to make a few bucks would not surprise me at all. Not the least.

Anyway, as you say David: We don´t have the facts.

I really hope you get this sad story sorted out! That the Law is involved should give at least some hope for a more orderly process. And when the dog comes back: Get that chip implanted…


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That's a wheel which turns very slowly, Lasse. I don't expect to hear anything from the authorities for weeks; there isn't much priority placed on a stolen dog. Never mind that their literal mission statement is to serve and protect; they'd rather be posting speed traps and dishing out parking tickets than actually saving lives.

Still...I have more hope of a just resolution with their involvement than without. There's no inherent profit in a dog -not for cops- so I doubt they'd have a reason to treat this case with any particular bias. Then again...the breed issue could come up. Cops love shooting pit bulls.

Maybe the lawyer can help. That's basically what I'm hoping for at this point.