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Wow!!! Devin very amazing work!!! i love so much the choice of colors of the thong that match with the color of the handle.
Again Beauty Whip

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As the first picture appeared, I went "Ooooooooh", and then the close up of the handle came up and I went "Ooooooooooooooh!" again!

Wood is just such a wonderful material and you make it look so good.

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Beautiful plaiting and woodwork Devin. That ironwood is stunning

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Beautiful bullwhip and fantastic woodwork. You make a great job, Devin. wink



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Thanks everyone! I was quite stunned with the results of the Ironwood handle, the colors are quite rich in that specimen.


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Somehow I missed this one.

The woody has really warm and earthy colors, that's as good as a combination of wood and plastic could ever get. Just beautiful! Also looking forward to seeing that ironwood Amper Special finished.

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wow exquisite work Devon!!! That wood is stunning


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The more I see of these whips, the more proud I am that they have my name  smile


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Great job man.


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Somehow I missed this one also. Another stellar looking whip there Devin! Never turned Desert Ironwood before, looks a little like some of the Cocobolo I've used to which I'm extremely allergic. What kind of SG does that Ironwood have?


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Thanks guys!

Guy, the Desert Ironwood isn't bad to turn with carbide. I don't think it is quite as oily as Cocobolo either. If you turn it, be very careful not to burn it during drilling or otherwise, the stench is awful.
From what I can find the Specific gravity ranges from .97 to 1.21 and the Janka hardness is 3200 lbs.


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Thanks for the info Devin.......