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Giovanni was kind enough to make me a whip. It was a present from him. I was really touched and surprised, when I held it in my hands, because it's a real beauty. And it's an unusual one, believe me! I will tell you my thoughts and ideas on it, but - please - don't expect me to be neutral 100% here, because it is a personal present. But I will do my best, okay? Here we go. This ist the beauty I am talking about


Like I said - it is an unusual whip. The handle is extremely long, but it's flexible. The braiding is extrem. Not a single gap, not a singl bump or anything like that. I checked the whole whip. Okay - forget what I said about not being 100% neutral. It is the "whip inspection mode" already... The strands appear to be very thin and fine in relation to the sheer length of the handle. But that's perfectly okay, because it gives the long handle a touch of class. Of finesse and elegance.




It's 10 footer, but it appears to be much shorter because of the length of the handle. So - it is surprisingly good to control and to steer. But there's a flipside to that long handle. More on that later. It will take some serious time to break that whip in, simply because it deserves to be broken in with patience. I never understand the folks who wait a few month on a whip to be born and then want it to broken in within two hours.

There are a few very thin, small knots on the handle. Two on the brass ferrule (I have to admit - I am a huge fan of brass) and one more up to the transition area. All executed very fine and safe. Again - classy and elegant. They are in opposite to the huge handle, again. But perhaps that makes it even more interesting.




On the bottom of the heel, there's a beautiful plate with a laser engraving which says "Ring of Trust"


In that way this whip is not only a present to me, but to all of the members of the ring of trust. Not to say too much about that. I think, this picture says more than 1000 of my words could tell you.


But now to the practical part. Who will be happy with that kind of whip? This whip is a collector's dream. I think there is nobody who wouldn't lick his fingers, imagining to have this pice of art on the wall at home. Beginners? No way. Absolutely and definitely No Way! To move that whip is a very complex process. And a beginner would be completely overpowerd by that whip. Overstrained in every way.


And now to the advanced. Behold, my friends, behold. Fast tricks? Do I really have to answer that? The point here is the incredible leverage you have with that long handle. If you try too fast, the whip will slow you down. You're too slow? The whip will pull you forward. This whip has its own idea about what is the proper speed. And it won't ask you if you like it or not. The leverage can be very tough on your wrist. And I mean tough! So it's more than important to find a rhythm when you crack that whip. A slow, relaxed pace.


On the other hand again it's fery good for target work. Again - easy and slow. No way for any "speed target cracking contest". You'll be the last. Always. But it's very accurate and clean in the line it follows. As soon as you're familiar with it, when you learned to listen what the whip tells you - and respect it - it will a reliable companion.

And a loud one. A very, very loud one.


When I string it all together, it's like that: A beautiful and excellent made whip. Very precise and a perfect example of traditional craftsmanship. Not for the beginner and not for the advanced who think he's the lord of all whips. Those ones will be disappointed deeply. This whip needs a friend. Not only a handler.

For me Giovanni Celeste is the only traditional craftsman and whip maker in my corner of europe. At least the only one in Germany and Italy. Sure, there are guys who make leather whips, too. But there's a reason, why you never read a word about them written by me.


All the pictures were taken by my friend, Mario Desgronte. If you like to more of his work, go to Whips'n History !

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Wowee that is a beauty, congratulations on the whip Robby, and excellent work Gio.


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That is definitely a beauty! What a wonderful gift.


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It seems I've been waiting forever to hear about this one, it's definitely the most interesting whip I can imagine. And a thing of beauty too, as expected from Giovanni. Can't wait to see a cracking video!

Robby, congratulations for receiving such an awesome gift. And Giovanni, congratulations for creating yet another masterpiece.

- Pokkis


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I am a huge fan of Giovanni's work.  His whips are always very simple and elegant.  Which is what I look for in a Roo whip.  This one is a fine example of how a true craftsman can do some thing totally new and inventive in a traditional manner.  Good Job Giovanni,as well as  congrats to Robby and all the members of the Ring  of Trust!!


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Robby, that's an astonishing whip! Mario's photos are also astonishingly good!

It really is unique. So unique, that I don't think I'd quite know what to do with it! But, as a masterpiece of the whip-maker's art, it is very fine indeed. Ein Meisterstuck! I can imagine this whip being present to a medieval guild as proof that Giovanni is worthy of being admitted as a member of the ultimate inner circle of craftsmen.  smile

So - congratulations to you, and to Mario - but most of all, to Giovanni!

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So Beautiful!!


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Oh wow, what a piece of art! this is truly beautiful Giovanni! You must have been excited with this one Robby, I know I would have been jumping around the room squealing with delight! wink


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Wow, that's real pretty.
Nice work Gio, you do make some fine whips.
I'm a slo a big fan of his style.
Congratulations Robby, it must be like catching up the Christmas you missed. smile


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Wow, that is such an elegant looking masterpiece. I like the look of the small ring knots. Those small details add a bit of character without overpowering the whole package. The ROT plate is a beacon that states to all viewers "this is the definition of quality and custom craftsmanship". The strands and plaiting look simply like perfection and im a huge fan of the long handle. Impressive work indeed Gio and congrats Robby on an amazing gift.

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That has to have made your day, Robby. Giovanni is a skilled maker with a good history here. I can't remember him ever posting something that I didn't like.

I know that whip would have a special place of honor in my house.


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.... i'm speechless... thanks YOU so much for your kind words!
I'm so happy you like this new whip.
When i created it my aim was to make something special and unique for you... simply because you deserve it!
It's my personal way to thank you for what you do for the whipmaking & whipcracking and also for the effort and commitment in your/our ROT project!

Many thanks for your wonderful pics... you have a special talent to give an added value to what you shot!
I went thru your site and I'm so well impressed by your work!

Thank YOU so much for your kind words.
This is really important for me, it helps me to do always my best!

PS: Apologies if i have not been present in the forum in the last weeks but i'm very busy...
I'm working on several interesting projects that i'll post when done!
One of these regards no. 5 matched pair of nylon bullwhips 4ft. These whips will be cracked by no. 5 mechanical arms during and itinerant art exhibition that starts the tour from Rome !! it goes without saying that i'm really excited about this !! i'll keep you update on this too!

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Giovanni, you deserve all those words and more.

That mechanical arm thing sounds interesting...

- Pokkis