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Hi all,
I sent off a bullwhip to a friend a few weeks ago. I'm not sure what made her want one, but she had never used a whip before. I sent written suggestions as well as links to instructional video's that I thought were very good (I still think so).
After a few weeks of trying, watching the video's and all, she still could not get a crack. Her 11 year old daughter on the other hand, had no trouble at all!

What I learned was that even the simplest video's available on YouTube make some unconscious assumptions about what you already know. So I decided to do a pre-school level video for folks that never held a whip before.

This is my first attempt. Not much time spent on it but I will re-do it after I get feedback from my friend, and any suggestions from people here.
(Video quality is not an option. I only have my cell phone to take video's with.)



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I like it.  I think you dis a great job of breaking it down.


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Thanks Holly, I appreciate you taking a look at it.


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No f******* way! Stop making those videos! You're becoming a threat
to my own DVDs…! Now I'm really mad at you!

smile  smile  smile  smile  smile

Hey Jonathan! Serious - very well explained! When I shoot something next time, I'll ask you to perform! I just loved the way you broke down everything into parts. Not too much info - so no one is swamped with all that - and enough details to create a clear picture how the crack works. Really nice - thanks for sharing the vid!

And if you do more like that - please post it, okay?

Just one thing - hold the camera horizontally. Please… Thank you!  wink


And for those who are not sure about the first two lines… Jonathan knows very well about my strange humor. It's really only a joke.

I have a screwdriver. I am Legend...


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Thank you Robby! If our friend is able to do the cattleman's crack today I'll know I did a clear explanation. Of course she will not be able to practice unless her daughter is on school today - can't have an 11 year old getting to far ahead of us. smile You do knowthat I'm on the side of the world from you, right? Everything is on a slant here.


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Hey Jonathan the video is great. Next person who asks me about how to use a whip I'm going to refer them to your video. Easiest tutorial I've seen on the cattlemans crack. Well done.


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Jonathan, I'm late to this particular party but this was very well done!

- And this is where I hang my head in shame -
I actually figured out how to do a proper cattlemen's crack this morning. Just prior to watching your video. This would've helped me out a bit.
I'm getting better at making them, it's about time I learn to actually use them...



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Jonathan, Terry's message today has just alerted my to this thread. It's a great video - and just what I need to send to a friend who's having trouble learning.... Thanks!

'Less is often more!'


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Thank you Terry, Robert and Jarred. Looks like I missed this thread for a while myself, I don't think I saw Jarred's reply before.


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big_smile  Very nice! A kind of "Cattleman´s crack for dummies"!

I find it useful to look at several different videos, because they all have different approach. This was just that basic info that´s a bit hard to find on the web.


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I like the video Johnathan, you took a very nice approach to breaking the crack down to its component motions, in a fashion that facilitates understanding.


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Thanks Lasse. That's just what it was intended to be. Beginning information for people just trying it for the first time. People who just want to know how to do it and do not need to be impressed by someone else's expertise.


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Great video, Jonathan.  And I say that only because this is exactly how I teach people to do the crack -- even the follow through afterward.

Ok ok.  I kid.  That's not the *only* reason I say it's a great video... Great minds. ;-)

But I do have to agree with Robby -- HORIZONTAL VIDEOS!! hehe


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Thank you Robert.
And, yeah, I've gotten the idea about horizontal videos now smile ... but they are still taken with my cell phone tied to a tree trunk for a tripod so even if I knew what I was doing I don't think the quality will ever come up to snuff.


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Hi everyone,
I finally updated the video on the cattleman's crack. The quality may not be any better, and it's still a windy day, but at least it's in a horizontal format now.
I also continued it with another video on the slow figure 8, at the same "I never touched a whip before" level of instruction.
The new video's are on my new website >>, or directly on YouTube at:
cattleman's crack >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW4lAR5xLTE
Slow Figure Eight >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leykIThaF_c


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Hi Jonathan,
I actually have a couple friends that are getting into whip cracking and they can do some things but they ask me to show them how to do this and i can't really find a way to show them properly. You did a fantastic job explaining and braking it down. They will definitely see this video.

-Ryan Washburn