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So, I've tinkered with making target stands out of PVC pipe and such...  I don't do a lot with wood or metal because I'm not the most handy of individuals.

So, here's a quick, adaptable, simple idea that anyone can do.

Go out and buy yourself a double-braced cymbal boom stand like you find for drum sets. 

Height and angle are infinitely adjustable, and the whole thing folds down for easy transport/storage.  Get a good one, and it will last forever.  They're designed for crazy drummers like me that hammer their cymbals into submission.  They're designed to take the impact, the shock and the tipping.

They're also very easy to adjust in terms of angles of target, arm, height, angle, etc. etc. etc.

Another bit of advice that I stole from my first whip teacher, Gery Deer:

One of the biggest problems in learning targeting with a whip is resetting targets.  If you're working alone, this takes a while...You work at it, crack a number of time, and by the time you've got it consistently and are "in the groove" to the point you're really TRAINING that muscle memory, the target's long gone.  Then, you have to stop what you're doing, go and put another target up, and then go back and try to recapture that "Groove" you'd just found moments before.

It can be VERY frustrating.

So, Gery's solution that I stole from him and I encourage you to steal from me, (because Gery no doubt stole it from someone too!)

Those little spring door stops, (pictured below.)  Mount that on your target stand, set it up, and aim for the little rubber bit on the end. 

You hit it, the target bounces a bit and makes that wonderful "PUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUH!" noise you probably found so amusing as a kid!  Positive Reinforcement, and no need to reset unless the spring part of the door stop backs off the mount and goes flying away.  Then, just fetch it, reattach it, and go back to work.

(I had to file out the hole in the circular base a little bit to get the threaded end of the cymbal stand through it.  It now fits fairly snugly.  A couple washers and nuts at the hardware store I bought the door stop at, and boom!  Problem solved.)

The stand also acts as a nice whip stand, (as evidenced in the picture, carrying my entire whip load-out for a demonstration I was giving a couple weeks ago.)


Happy crackin' folks!



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Now that right there is ingenuity! Creative problem solving! I like it a lot. I also like the idea of using a doorstop! Thanks for this post Daniel! A lot of great ideas here.



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That's a really nifty idea for a target stand. (Why didn't I think of it?) I'll equip myself as soon as possible!

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Yep, he "stole" it from the late Alex Green   smile   But that's the good thing - ideas are passed to others and so the story continues. Daniel... Could you do me a favor and post some close ups from the spring door stops and how you attached them? I tried that years ago, and my stops never were held in place. I'm not a great man with the tools, but with a little help, advice (and pictures...) I could propably help myself  wink

Thanks, Robby

Hey! I found that thing in a german online store! Here it's called "Galgenbeckenständer"  smile Thanks so much for the picture and the explanation!

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Great idea, Dan.  Now this is a target stand I think I can do!  smile


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Alex eh?  Well that explains it, (was that in the "Whip Cracking Made Easy" videos Alex did with Mark Allen?  I watched them years ago, but don't remember.) 

Gery also trained with Alex for a while, and considers Alex a mentor, so that makes perfect sense.

And yeah, I'll post pictures soon.  It's been a little busy lately, and that shows no signs of letting up, (for which I'm quite excited and humbled,) so if it's more than a week, a friendly reminder (or maybe even a brusque one) would be welcome.

I used a little bit of crazy glue on the rubber end of the spring because it kept flying off, (fortunately I selected the white tipped instead of the black, and I was working in my living room when I discovered this problem.)

Also, the spring DOES back out of the base.  Running it through the base and wrapping it with a little bit of electrical tape so that it can't back out helps a bit with that.  Also, I'm planning on adding a couple rubber washers and some Lock-Tite to the washers and nuts to prevent them from loosening up with the repeated shock.

I'll try to post detailed pics in the next few days.

All the best,



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Daniel, inspired by your idea, I immediately ordered some doorstops; I expect them to arrive tomorrow. I got some with screw ends: my idea is to use a hardwood dowel into which they can be screwed - or possibly a thin iron pipe. Does anyone have a better idea?


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FINALLY getting back to this thread.

First off:

Robert, I looked at those type of door stop springs, and those work too, but for what I was doing, I went with the two part version that has a circular plate that you use a separate screw to put into the wall, rather than the ones with the integrated screw.  The ones I used, are this type:  (pardon the blurriness in a few of the images.  I was using an old autofocus camera, rather than my wife's DSLR.  The images were meant for content rather than beauty, so they get the point across.)


As I said, I had to take a small round file and file out a little bit of that circular base to get it to fit on the threaded mount on the cymbal stand, but that required very little removal of metal.  Less than 40 seconds all by hand.  I wasn't sure what the diameter was on the cymbal stand, so I just took the mount end to a hardware store down the street and bought two washers and two nuts to fit it.  It cost me a little over $1 for that, then put it together:  Nut/washer/spring mount/washer/nut.  I'm afraid I don't remember the diameter of the threaded mount from the cymbal stand, but it was a standard metric threading, (my stand is from Tama.  They are a Japanese company.  Your mileage may vary.  But the cymbal mounts themselves come off easily and fit in a pocket.  Just take it with you to the hardware store.)


Then attached the spring, which just sort of threads in through that off-center hole in the base that you can see in the first picture.

I did have some problems with the nuts backing off of the threadings with repeated hits to the spring, but that can be remedied by adding a couple rubber washers to absorb some of the vibration and some Krazy Glue or Lock Tite to the threads, (I prefer Lock Tite, though I don't know what name Lock Tite is marketed under outside North America, but I know you've got it.)

The spring also can back off of the base after a little bit too.  I haven't corrected this on mine yet, but plan to try wrapping a small bit of electrical tape around the end of the spring once it's fitted to the base, that way there's less of a chance of it coming free, (in the below picture, you can see where the spring threads through the base...Just wrap a little tape around the end of the spring on that side of the base.)


The white rubber end of the door stop tends to pop off with repeated hits.  Little Krazy Glue to that, and I haven't had that problem.

That's the construction in detail.

The only other thing I'd like to point out is that I recommend getting a DOUBLE BRACED cymbal stand.  The legs will look similar to this:


The leg sections are two pieces, rather than one piece, (the SINGLE braced stand,) and they are far more sturdy, stable, and take up more shock and jarring from the hits to the mount.

Hope that helps!  All the best, and happy cracking!



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That helps a lot, thank you!  smile smile smile


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Thanks very much indeed, Dan. I've been away from home for a while, but hope to get started today making my own version of your target stand. It ought to be more portable and practical than anything I've used before....

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But - please - don't forget to post pictures, then!  smile


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Sweet! I love the door stopper idea. Necessity... The mother of invention! Great job!