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Okay folks, and here are the news - the extraordinary good news, by the way! Tyler wrote me an email in which he told me that he's going to be the first whip maker to donate a whip for our 2015 raffle. That means, that we have now one of Tyler's brilliant Dacron Whips and a Whip Basics four DVD set for the lucky winner!

In the meantime Devin Bauer joined me in that enterprise, and he too will donate a nylon whip for our raffle!

Well, in the end the animals to whom we donate, will be the real winners in that game. So we're going like that:

Everybody will have one card with his/her number for 5.00 USD. Who likes to raise the chances, donates as much as he likes - every 5.00 USD is one card with the name in the lottery wheel. So - for example - if one donates 50.00 USD, his/her name will be 10 times in the lottery wheel!

But never forget - we're doing this for animals and animal shelters. We're doing this to help those, who can't help themselves. That's the primary idea. Bobbi will be so kind and writes an email to every member here in the forum when the time has come. So no one will be able to say: "Oh! A donation campaign...? Sorry, but I totally missed it..." We still have a few "members" here, who even didn't report on the donation thread. Which is (quoting Terry and I'm 100% with him!) a shame!

We'll see. In 2015 the ball is rolling, ladies and gentlemen! In 2014 we donated over 500.00 USD. Let's see what we can make in 2015...!


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Re: The Whip Basics Donation Campaign/Raffle in 2015!

Fabulous news! Thank you Robby, Tyler and Devin for backing up the fundraiser with some goodies making it all sorts of fun and exciting! I think it should be a great success!


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I stand by what I said. If I can rake up five dollars, and that is the amount I was able to donate, then I cannot think of a reason everyone can't donate at least a small portion. Dogs are wonderful animals. They love unconditionally. They do not judge you. They just love you. While their pretty darned sharp and capable of some fascinating tricks, they can't count money. They don't love you less for a small donation versus a large donation. If you can afford a 100' hank of cord, you can afford to help save the life of a dog.




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Great news, Robby! The 'carrots' of whips from Tyler and Devin, plus your own DVDs, adds real zest to the campaign - but the pleading look of Terry's little friend says it all!

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I look forward to seeing how this turns out.
Terry, if that picture doesn't remind someone of the worthiness of our cause, then I don't know what would.