Topic: Masters only...


I am proud to open a new gallery, here on Whip Basics!
                           The Masters Gallery

This section of the forum is for the masters of their craft.

With all due respect to the hobbyists - every hobbyist can become a great craftsman, no doubt - but this is for the masters. "Master" is a great word. And here you'll find only those, who I respect as true masters.

It'll grow and there will be more artists with their work. Some folks you won't find, here. Some declined - respectfully! - for personal reasons. Others didn't even bother to answer me. Perhaps they think, that they are too good to be here. Or they are still offended, because I critisized their work. Who knows.

Others I simply didn't invite.

If you - the members of this forum - think that you know a master of the craft, tell me! I know a lot of folks, but not the whole world. And I'm sure that out there are great craftsmen & women I never heard of. So…

Of course every member of the Whip Basics forum is invited to post comments or questions! But - please - respect the nature of this gallery and don't hijack the respective whip makers thread for your own stuff.

Thank you!

And now… Enjoy the Masters Gallery!



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