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I've seen mention of swivel handle whips and came to the conclusion that there was no added benefit or they would have become more popular.  Certainly not necessary, but  just had to make one.  I used all the odd paracord I could come up with to make a 14P thong  6'4" on a single 10P belly, over ungutted core.  The 16" fall is simply one of the remaining overlay strands, cracker is bailing twine.  Delrin was used for bearings in each end of the oak handle,  5/16 drill rod axle was press fit into the aluminum cup, an "E" clip secures the end of the shaft.

The whip is very easy to crack and would be with any handle.  I immediately noticed there was no need to pay attention to the whip/handle orientation, as there would be nothing you could do about it anyway.  I'm guessing there are advanced whip cracks that might be harder to do but that doesn't include me. I may make another one some day just to try another way I had thought of to secure the axle. 






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That's very interesting, Hayes! 

I've long been told that swivel handles were a concession to the user's lack of skill.  I'm sure there's a lot that's not possible with one of these.  I think there were made for working cowboys, who just wanted a whip for single sharp cracks on horseback.

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Nicely done, Hayes, especially the machine work.


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Very, very cool!

Inch by inch.


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Holy Cow! Hayes, that is fantastic. Great job.

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Thanks folks.  I really liked the process.  For some reason, when I tapered the cup, my setup didn't take in the last 1/4" or so at the base of the cup.  I could go back and take a fine cut or even sand and buff the aluminum, perhaps if there is another.  I really am intrigued by how it cracks and have gone through 3 of the bailing twine crackers.  They work really well for about 15 minutes.  Might look for some alternatives when in town such as the spectra fishing line.


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I've seen whips with swivel handles before. I have a thought that it gives less control and is harder to crack when doing slow routines. Blake Bruning or Western Stage props have them for sale.

I like  "The Amper method of the swirveling handle" better. It's pretty easy when you have practiced a bit, and now I can not stop doing it even if I try. With this "method" I always have a good sense of where the whip is in relation to the spine / stomach.

That said, I think it's great craftsmanship.

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