Topic: Bolster=Grease Reservoir?

I don’t know where to put this video and if it’s of any interest at all, but after ordering from Johnny Öhgren and getting in touch with him he now regularly appears in my social media newsfeed and youtube recommendations.
So I stumbled across this video which I found to be well done, on the point and almost perfectly paced, not too short, not too long.
For all you whipmakers here it might be totally old news, but what caught my interest was at the 3 min mark where it is mentioned that thatthe bolsters are heavily greased to a act as a reservoir later


I never bothered to watch all these hour long tutorials as I‘m not a whipmaker so I heard this for the first time. I assume, this is common practice?
The next question to me is: Does a leather whip „age“? Again I assume this is is not really an issue, as only the surface is in contact with air, and is conditioned every once in a while. Other leather equipment can last for decades (I‘m thinking of equestrian tack e.g.) so a leather whip can and should too?


Re: Bolster=Grease Reservoir?

That was a very nice video, thanks for posting it.
I have no experience with leather, but it seems like he makes good whips using good techniques and ingredients.


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Re: Bolster=Grease Reservoir?

Wolfgang, that's how I learned to do it watching Bernie Wojcicki's videos. the stuff on the inside never sees the light of day again, and so never get's greased, so it needs to be packed with as much grease as you can get onto it. I like to see it ooze a bit as I plait.

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Re: Bolster=Grease Reservoir?

I see smile
Would’ve been surprised if this hadn’t been a very common practice, but it was new to me.