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As promised here is a pic of my latest core material. After hundreds of twisted cores my hands have said "enough". This is commercial nylon trimmer line. It's diameter is 3.99mm, so extremely tough. One problem is that coming off of a spool it develops a memory to curl. So, it takes a little flexing to erase most of the memory. My first prototype whip made with this core has been abused for over a year, and it still feels new. I'm confident of the integrity of this line.

First, I taper the end of the trimmer line where I will make strand drops

Then, I feed the line into a strand of paracord. It is an extremely tight fit, but with a little work it goes in. The binding isn't extravagant for this simple cow whip. I do bind several inches past the end of the line to prevent a bad hinge. The binding also helps to eliminate some of the memory curl

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That looks very interesting Roy.
The largest trimmer line I can find is about 0.105" is that about the same size?


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I'll be very interested to see how this works out, Roy - and how it holds up over time.  And I'm glad to see that the dogs on the wall are still encouraging you!  smile

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I'll be very interested to see how it holds up over time too.

Once in a while I use an ordinary Gardentrimmer and recently I found some line which was about 8-10 years old. It cracked all the time when I was trying to put it on the spool. I has been stored outside in very different temperatures over the years, but no chemicals.

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Ron, this stuff is 0.155" so it's very close.
Thank you Mr Robert and Flemming. I happened upon his stuff the same way. It was in an old shop for over 10 years in the Texas heat and freezing winters.

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Roy, this is really neat. Do you add any weight still, or just use the trimmer line and the weight from the plaited layers?

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Interesting! I have to give it a try.


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Collin, the only added weight is wax

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I hope it hold up for you.  Since it's inside the whip, it wont be in contact with the sun.  That kind of plastic is made to break down in the sun, so I would be worried about that, however, it's a cool idea and I hope it works out for you!

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