Re: Whips in movies?

With a whip? Now I'm curious smile


I have a screwdriver. I am Legend...


Re: Whips in movies?

Robby, this post has triggered a memory of seeing that film on television about sixty years ago!  I do now vaguely remember that Dr Frankenstein hit the monster with a whip a few times.  It was not a 'whip memorable' scene!

'Less is often more!'


Re: Whips in movies?

Robby, "Zorro the Gay Blade was one of the first Zorro movies I saw, I remember my parents cracking up and I kept asking them, "What does that mean?"  And they'd say, "Uh... You'll understand when you're older."  I think when I was a kid it hooked me because of the overall silliness, but especially Bernardo riding around in his bear costume... or was it a dog?  big_smile

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