Re: Arizona whips

That is massive! big_smile


Re: Arizona whips

Looks good, Craig.

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Re: Arizona whips

Sir Roger Tuson wrote:

I do like that concho, Craig.

I've lent your Frankenwhip to  friend of mine who is a real beefy fellah and likes to muscle his whips (no matter how many times I tell him not to! hmm) and he does like it. big_smile

Glad to hear it.  That one was definitely heavy.  I still want to eventually make a three belly like that one but around 12'.

If I can't run fast, I'll make slow look impressive.
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Re: Arizona whips

That is a beefy whip! It looks great Craig. I always love seeing the pictures of other people’s work here on WB. I agree, that concho is cool and goes well with the color scheme. I really like the heel knot too. Nice work!