Re: My whips thread

4 bellyes? You got my attencion big_smile looking good!


Re: My whips thread

When I designed mine, I started at a 4 count TT core, and went up in increments of 4, ending in a 20 count overlay. How are you doing it, and what size overlay will you end up with?

Practice does not actually make perfect; Perfect practice makes perfect.


Re: My whips thread

Thank You for checking it out everyone.
Andrew it was hearing you talking about the 10ft you are working on that nudged me towards building one myself. So thanks smile I’ll write more about the build later, I haven’t much time left on my break.

Mark i’m sick of the pink already, but I still have another six hundred feet of it to use up.

Thank you Mr. Robert. I knew you’d like the idea of this whip.

Thank you as well Jyri. This will be my first four bellied whip. I cannot wait for it to be complete so I can try it out.


Re: My whips thread

I just realized something. I incorrectly said four bellies when it is in fact three bellies plus the overlay. I don’t know why I said four. Sorry bout that.