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Here’s my fifth attempt. I planned this one out instead of going by Nick’s strands lengths. This is my first time planning and controlling the taper. I gotta say, I understand things a lot more now and I’m incredibly happy with the way it’s turning out.

Here’s my blueprint for the thong. I added a 10 inch handle in addition to these measurements.

The core. There is a shorter strand inside of the longer strand, folded at center point and twisted till it drops to two strands on one side and one strand on the other. Then the doubled up strand inserts into the single strand to get the steps down to single.



First belly rolled and bound and rolled again. Closed loop binding down and a spiral back up.

I made these vice jaws with cutting board material from my job. I lined the insides of the radius’s with a rubber tape, so it holds the whip very securely with very little closing pressure on the vice so no deforming the thong. The blue tape is just a drop locator and was removed when I plaited down to it.


Second belly after rolling. This is a first for me, i’ve never had such a great shape and feel before.


Also a first for me, 90 degree angles and completely gapless.

I’ll be starting the overlay soon, not sure the colors yet. Thanks for checking this out. I hope everyone is well. smile


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That is looking really good Nathan.
This is going to be much better than your last one, but not as good as your next. smile


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That looks really good, Nathan.

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Looking good so far, Nathan. I really like your choice of cord.

I'll give it a try, Dad, but it's going to be really hard...kind of like trying to saw something in half using a banana.


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Nathan, you are clearly advancing rapidly! Well done!  smile

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Thank You Ron, Mark, Scott, and Robert.
I definitely had a few ‘ah-ha’ moments when working on this one. A light bulb probably appeared over my head smile


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Andrew - I am not making whips, and I never will. I am not interested enough, but I am serious interested in how other are building their whips and learn what makes the whips behave so different.

I am glad, that you are binding. I have seen some whips build with tape in them and Robby are right in the video. The are not long-lasting, not even with sports tape as a kind of bolster. After  what I have seen it becomes soft and can be pressed out through the outer layer.

Keep on going wink

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That looks like a good improvement you've made. I love the color, that was actually the color of my very first whip I made. smile

I also like the vice jaws.
Keep them photos coming.


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Re: Whip #5 by Nate Mayer

Very nice! I also like your cutting board vise idea. I may have to buy a cheap one just to chop up, or even a nylon block online.

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