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As you know I am extremely picky when it comes to new members for the Ring of Trust. Well - after a long time, we now have a new member. It's our Jessie. Jessica Edwards from Sui Generis whips. I was from moment one on very critical on her work and I told her more than once that she can do better. Ask Jessie... Now I have nothing to tell her what she could do better. She found her own corner with her art and practice whips. All the other members of the Ring of Trust agreed to take her in. Every single one! And now - the Ring of Trust is alive, kicking and still sets standards for whip makers in terms of quality, customer service and - probably the most important thing at all... - trustworthiness.

Welcome, Jessie.


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Congratulations Jessie.
You have done well.


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Purely wonderful!!!!!  Welcome, WS!!!

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Congratulations, Jessie!

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That's amazing. Congratulations Jessie! You deserve it. Your work is beautifull and outstanding.


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Congratulations, Jessie, well deserved.

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Congratulations Jessie! This is a much deserving honor. Your work is beyond unique.

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Thank you ☺️

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