Re: 10 years of Whip Basics

Well-pruned trees produce more healthy fruit smile  There are many people I miss, but it was always their choice to wander off or in some cases disappear entirely.  And then there are the people that never make it in the gate- I have a felling there are some real doozies that we don't even know about smile

Yaprimascharif, Yahasanna Hadisany, elafinas tabachu, Dari chalemy elasin!


Re: 10 years of Whip Basics

Wow! 10 years...! I am here since 2011. It feels like yesterday.
I looked in the member list and sorted it by date of registartion... Wow I am on place 6. one more reason for me to be ashamed that I havn't so much time to be here like than sad

I have seen so much people come and go. Like Robby said: Not everybody know the words "thank you"...

All the Best for all uf us and I look forward to the next 10 years.


Mistakes are just decoration wink