Re: First men in the moon

My Mom always sent me out of the room when that part was coming up, so I had to be a sneaky little ninja to peek and see what I was missing.  It horrified me of course, but fascinated me at the same time.

Yaprimascharif, Yahasanna Hadisany, elafinas tabachu, Dari chalemy elasin!


Re: First men in the moon

Tyler Blake wrote:

The George Pal version of the Time Machine is still one of my favorites.  I hated the remake though.

Remake? What remake...? Once there was a fu****** bad movie with something „Time and „Machine“ in the title. But there is only one real The Time Machine in this world. I watched that movie veeeery, very often. And I mean - very often... Same for „Dance of the Vampires“, the old Dracula films with Christopher Lee (Hammer Films) and - of course - First men in the moon. I was searching for some time for „Cavorite“, to fly maself in a cardboard box, but - well.

Aaaand Michael - I think the Morlocks scared the hell out of you. Not the Elois. The Elois were the nice blond people. The Morlocks were the pale, fat guys with glowing eyes smile


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