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Robby, it is very similar to when sometimes emergency services are called.  We go, get there, then sometimes the ...prospective client... no longer wants help or become until
uncomfortable when they are asked to describe the problem and go to get treatment.

People are funny.  Endlessly interesting, but funny (bunny funny).  You cannot give help when someone does not help themselves a little.... By at least following through with the asking!

Inch by inch.


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Robby, I think what people are prepared to pay for a whip - or indeed, for anything - depends on all kinds of factors quite separate from the quality of what they're buying. When Mercedes Benz promoted their cars in Britain some forty years ago, they made them more expensive than most others - presumably on the basis that people would think they were that much better, and buy them! They are good cars, but many people bought them with little notion of what makes a car good or bad - just because of the high price. The strategy worked!

Mercedes were good enough, and well-enough known, to trade on their name. I suspect that Mr Schrader is a very astute businessman. I've never seen one of his whips, so I can't judge their worth; but he may be trying the 'Mercedes tactic'. Well, good luck to him - but, thanks to you, no one need be fooled into thinking his whips must be good, just because they cost a lot!

'Less is often more!'


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After what I have seen, the whip prices from some whipmakers in the US are pretty much higher than from the whipmakers I know from US , EU and Tasmania. I don't think the quality/price ratio match.

The expensive whips can not - in my opinion - be worth the price compared to what you can get from well estimated whipmakers that I know.

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