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Ron May wrote:

There can be no perfect mathematical formula for whip making when the variables are so numerous. That's not to mention the human variable


Absolutely agree on that one! I just think it could be done a lot more on the theoretical side than there is available at this point.


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Thanks Wolfgang!


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I have used this almost daily and i have gave it some harder cracking as well.
The fluffy part is done and for my suprise there is very little fraying on the thiker part.

I torched it with a lighter and made new fluffer.
Lets see how many fluffies i can destroy with one thick portion.


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Very cool. Did you notice any difference of the sound in the life of it so far?

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Collin, no. They behaved just the same as my normal tapered crackers, wich was their purpose.

But changing the fluffy part took only 5 minutes including making the fluffy part.

Usually when the fluffy part starts to be done it takes more force to make same sound and sometimes it just breaks off at this point.

So far these have served their purpose just fine smile


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This is very innovative Jyri!  It's like a tiny cracker on a cracker/fall hybrid on a fall!

Yaprimascharif, Yahasanna Hadisany, elafinas tabachu, Dari chalemy elasin!


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Thanks Tyler!


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Third cracker done. There is almost no fraying even that i have whipped frozen snowballs.