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I was told it was hard to find the prizes for this year. So if all the whip artists could please photograph and post their prizes here, I would appreciate it. 


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I offer 8,4ft bullwhip with three plaited bellyes and english eye. Handle is 10 inches long with brass concho. This whip is waxed.
I will include polishing gloth to help keeping that brass shiny, spare crackers and falls.

Here is video:

Here is build thread to see what it has eaten:


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Good Morning here are my donation Whip for the Dogs.

Its a 6ft Bullwhip with a 10" handle. The Core is made of paracords in different lengths, bound with sinew. the first belly is 8 strands, no belly bound with sinew. Second belly is 12 strand, no bolster, bound with sinew, both bolters with a mix of open and closed loop bindings. Overlay is 16 strands. Handle with short Herringbone, rest of the Whip a Herringbone. The heel and transition knot is Pineapple design, with a floral Concho. The fall hitch is a classic one, like Ron Edwards shows it in his book. Whip is waxed.



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Here is my offering for the 2018 Dog Shelter auction: a bullwhip made by the Scotsman Paul Carpenter (author of The Paracord Bullwhip, 2014). It has a 6ft thong, plus an 11 inch handle made from Burr Elm and 28 inch fall and cracker.

Here is Paul's note on the construction: Twisted leather core with a short length of steel pin bolstered with artificial sinew placed into wooden handle with each inlay being braided on in a step fashion. 1st overlay of 8 strands and bolster 3/4 of length with artificial sinew,  2nd overlay of 12 strands bolstered again with sinew, finished with a final inlay of 16 strands. Transition knot is a 12 bight pineapple. Paracord fall and dacron cracker.

I bought this whip on eBay four or five years ago - just before his book came out, I think. I was attracted by the beautifully turned wooden handle. However, I find the thong disappointingly light-weight. Whoever wins this might want to try waxing the thong to add some weight - or even chop it off, and re-use the handsome handle for a new whip.

Here is the eBay photo - better than any I've taken. This Dog Shelter prize does not include the bag, but will include the belt holder - if I can find it!


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This is my same one from last year that didn't get claimed before the deadline-  I had originally hoped to offer up a second, but I'm too far behind to commit to that.  This is a 7 foot Academy bullwhip with a beautiful handle by Roy smile

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Here is Big Red Dog, my donation to the pups. It's an 8'8", 20 plait,nylon bullwhip of rust paracord with an 8 inch purpleheart handle, a TT core, 3 bellies, a 30 inch TT fall, and a 12 inch cracker made of Brownell Fast Flight Bow String. The transition knot is a Double Gaucho Knot of Two Passes from Bruce Grant's Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding

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With school this year I am not able to make what I would like for this very deserving project, so I offer up my gently used personal whip.

6' 16 plait Amper Style Lite: this is #005, and the only light version of this whip I have ever made (and likely ever will).  It is black with a single accent strand of burgundy, with two plaited bellies.  It has a Twisted English Eye and a 12 1/2" handshaped purpleheart handle.
Will come with two loaded twisted taper falls. 

It is, as I stated, gently used. 
These are the photos from when it was first made:



Here, you can see my husband, Lonnie, snuffing out candles with it. 

All supplies, except for the burgundy accent, came from https://whip-nation.com

Inch by inch.


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I've posted this in the other thread too...!

Here is my offering for the Shelter Raffle. I started this over Christmas as my first experiment with 275 cord. It has only been test-cracked once or twice and still needs waxing (which will be done before it gets sent to the winner).


6'6" Bullwhip
10.5" 6mm Steel Bar handle
Twisted Taper Core
1st Belly - 8 plt, sinew bound
2nd Belly - 12 plt, sinew bound
Handle Overlay - 30 plt, Black/Red 275 Cord with tassels
Thong - 16 plt, ending in 6 plt tip with std Fall Hitch
Double thick 24" Fall and twisted sinew cracker
5Bx6L tripled Heel and Transition Knots

(Pepper NOT included!)









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My donation for this year's Raffle is a waxed 5.5' 14 plait fixed cup cowwhip with a served english eye. The handle is a piece of ash I turned from a piece of a branch. It will come with the TT fall pictured and a matching neon green one, together with two unmeasured straight falls. Also several artificial sinew and dyneema crackers.
The cup hole isn't quite straight unfortunately(if anyone has any tips for keeping the hole straight I would greatly appreciate it!) and the ash I used for the handle is has a rather rough finish since it wasn't completely dry. Otherwise the thong itself rolls out smoothly and accurately.

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Here is my donation for this year. It's basicaly the same whip which I donated last year - only in different colors.
A 5 foot 20 plait snake whip with three palited bellies (8, 12, 16), lead loaded from heel to tip, English Eye and a double looped loaded twisted fall.



My wife Tanja also wanted to contribute something for this years campaign. Therefore, she made 20 crackers that can be won seperatly.

All the best


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Here's my donation.

There's more info in the official thread, but i wanted to put it here also.

Here are the photos:






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Black 8 feet "Tank" bullwhip from my collection. This whip was built by Keanu Shimaoka of 808 Whip Company.

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