Topic: The "official" 2018 Dog Shelter Campaign

(I can't see a way to post a new separate topic in the forum for 2018 so I will "hijack" the 2017 thread at least for now.)

The dog shelter campaign is now open for submissions.
The drawing methods will be posted by Robby in another thread.
Donations should be completed by the first of September and results of the drawing will be held on the Day of the Meet and Greet in Germany.

For the donations here's where you can post photos and a description of the item you are donating to the 2018 WB Dog Shelter Campaign.

Good clear photos in natural light with a overall description of the item.

You can then use the link to this page to post with your announcement to what ever social website you want to post it to so those interested can see what the prizes are.

If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or ideas please PM me so as not to clutter up this thread with anything other than donations, photos and the description.

Do not reply to this thread with anything but donation photos and the description of the item being donated. Anything else will be deleted so that only donations show up here.


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Re: The "official" 2018 Dog Shelter Campaign

Good Morning here are my donation Whip for the Dogs.

Its a 6ft Bullwhip with a 10" handle. The Core is made of paracords in different lengths, bound with sinew. the first belly is 8 strands, no belly bound with sinew. Second belly is 12 strand, no bolster, bound with sinew, both bolters with a mix of open and closed loop bindings. Overlay is 16 strands. Handle with short Herringbone, rest of the Whip a Herringbone. The heel and transition knot is Pineapple design, with a floral Concho. The fall hitch is a classic one, like Ron Edwards shows it in his book. Whip is waxed.



Re: The "official" 2018 Dog Shelter Campaign

I offer 8,4ft bullwhip with three plaited bellyes and english eye. Handle is 10 inches long with brass concho. This whip is waxed.
I will include polishing gloth to help keeping that brass shiny, spare crackers and falls.

Here is video:

Here is build thread to see what it has eaten: