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In this thread, Ben will post his making of pictures. The finished whip will be presented in the Makers and Masters Gallery. If you have questions on materials, braiding, patterns and what ever... Post it here!. If you like to comment on a finished whip... Post it here. The Galleries will be only what they're called - Galleries.

When you are exited on something - post it here. If you like to say how much you like something - or not - post it here. All comments which are made in the respective Masters Gallery will be simply deleted. The galleries will be like an exhibition. The whip, the art, the name of the whip. Not more. If you want to say something... You know where to post, right?

Thank you for your cooperation!


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Here are some making of pictures of a 5 foot, 20 plait snake whip. It's the same "formula" as the dog shelter donation whip.

The core consits of one single lead loaded strand of paracord. This picture shows the first layer of open loop binding:


I'm using 5 layers of binding on the core and on each belly (2 layers of open loop and 3 layers of closed loop binding on top of each other). Therefore, there are overall 20 layers of binding in this construction.

here you can see beginning of the first (8 plait) belly:


Square start of the third and final belly (16 plait)




All the best


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Cool Ben! So very cool!

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Very nice job Ben.


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Very cool.


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Tank y'all very much!

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Ben, very well done!!!

Inch by inch.


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Ah.. So clean.


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Wonderfully meticulous work, Ben!  smile


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Ben - I don't know how you do it so I am just impressed.

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Beautiful work as always, Ben.


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Jyri Haveri wrote:

Ah.. So clean.

That's exactly what I was thinking - very clean plaiting.  Well done, Ben!

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Thank all of you very much smile!

All the best