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Robby, thank you very much for making this video!

What surprised me the most, was to see that there is only one single layer of open loop binding in the entire construction of this whip.

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That's not binding. That's just a bit of string wound around and around.

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I tried to be as neutral as possible. Or better: as neutral as necessary. All that is not more than crap. And that yellow plastic thing with the wires popping out... Ridiculous. And the „binding“. Rog called it by its name. The idea, that customers spend such an amount of money for this hurts me. I can only hope that more people take the opportunity and contact me. From now on there is  no more excuse at all. I will not reveal the identity of the customers. I‘m going to protect them. If someone wants to take me to court, well. If it helps to raise the bar in case of standards - perfect.

Thanks for all your comments!


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Hey Robby,
thank you for this video! If this whip would cost 80$, I would say "ups... ok..." But for more than 400$ I would say ...nothing. I am only crying.
THAT IS RUDE! Nothing more!

This is a great project to discover such masterpieces of shit! Both for the buyers, and for the sellers.

All the best,

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I would be pissed if it was 80$ to be honest.  $80 is a lot of money to me, I would expect nice plaiting  on a 3 foot whip.  Dakota Winrich charges $80.00 for her unbound pair of 3 foot hybrids.  THAT, is about right.  This?  Nope.  $20.00 tops.  Leather or not.

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Sir Roger, you've described it way better than I did!

Robby, I'm sure that you will continue to raise the bar for whipmaking standarts and I hope that you won't have to go to court as a result of making an objective/neutral review!

All the best


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Thanks for the video Robby, it was great! It highlights the need to do some research and made me feel very lucky to have met you and the folks at WB, learning a little and taking my time buying a whip. 
I had a look at the website too the other day and concur judging by the pictures of the whips on sale,  I can't say that they are aesthetically pleasing in any sense, and look very rough to me. For the price indicated I would be inclined to do more research into other whipmakerd before rushing in and buying a whip from Gayle.  By the way, thats $535.00 NZD!  I alsonoticed that it says that the whips are guaranteed.....


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Thank you Robby and Gio for bringing this hunk of crap front and center. I am appalled at the price and lack of quality. This whip maker can no longer hide their shoddy work behind a family name. This was fair and excellent proof of why these videos are necessary.

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I watched the first half of this this morning, I will finish it tonight, but oh my goodness.... Robby, you're doing a very good thing.  I've never had contact with her but I remember looking at the site in my early days.  That is shockingly bad, and it goes to show that just because someone has been around for a long time doesn't mean you can trust them.  Ah but wait!  That was a first grade plastic thingy!  Was that just tied onto the transition on the side?  And if the wires were poking out the thong, that could have been dangerous too.

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