Re: The cattleman's crack

Thank you!
I have to chek that handle alingment.
How about those other craks?


Re: The cattleman's crack

They look good Jyri.

The reverse slow 8 needs, like the cattleman's, to be kept in the same plane in reverse as it does forward.

All cracks, I believe, need to be kept on the same plane that they were intended to be on, whether horizontal or vertical.

You're still doing a very good job in being relaxed and not using to much muscle / power.
Keep up the good work.


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Re: The cattleman's crack

Jyri, good job and thank's for sharing your videos!

On the opposite horizontal crack, I've noticed that you are moving the thong in an "upwards diagonal" plane instead of a horizontal plane.
For me, imagining that I'm "balancing" a plate on my whiphand has helped me a lot to keep this crack on a horizontal plane.

All the best