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I'm pleased with your dedication and participation over multiple threads Flemming, well done.
Keep going my friend! smile

In vino veritas


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Hi everyone

Could not resist makeing some videos in the fine weather. The training did not go very well, but now we both have a whip we did have a lot of fun :


You don't have to comment on the videos from today. They are mostly just to show you a little fun from the Garden smile


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It looks like you are having a lot of fun!!!

Inch by inch.


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It's looking better Flemming.
Keeping the vertical plane on the fast 8 is a little difficult for me and it's also very important for me to keep that in mind.
The reverse cattleman's crack, I have found, needs more arm movement behind me to make it easier and to flow a little bit better. For me that's not always so easy to do.
The cross over is looking very nice. It's what I have had a lot of trouble with.  Yours is looking good.
Thanks for posting the video.


When you can say, " That was close." you're doing ok.


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Thanks Ron. Comments are always usefull. I have printet some of them so it is easyer for me to find them regulary and read before I practice.


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Flemming, your video shows that you are making a very good progress!
Congratulations and thank you for sharing!

There is not much that I could add to Ron's advice except for one thing: if you try to look at the "horizon" throughout your practice sessions, you will develop a feeling for the whip much faster than if you keep on looking on the thong on certain occasions.

Robby made a video about this subject:


At first, you will have to focus on looking at the horizon, but after a couple of sessions, it will become second nature to you.

All the best


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Thanks Ben. Your comments is of great value to me. maybe you have to tell me several times, but it is not because I am not listening. It is just like teaching anything else. Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Thanks Ben