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There are many things that I like about this movie. The stroyline is based on a novel by Paulo Lins (which again is based on true stories) and the actors are people who actualy live in Rio's favelas.
They delivered such an outstanding performance after only 6 months of acting lessons which is very remarkable and I love the fact that this "project" gave very poor people a chance to show how good they are at acting (and therfore giving them an opportunity to imorve the conditions of their lives/careers).
In the end of the movie there is original footage of several characters that have been covered by the story which is another nice component of the movie.
Other details like the camrea angles, the editing and the corresponing music are also great in my opinion.

If you haven't seen this movie yet I'd stronlgy recommend it, but be warned: it's a very violent, brutal and sometimes shocking movie (especialy the scenes where very young steet children are involved).

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I have not seen it , but if I ever get a chance I will.


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Okay... I have to admit, that I have no idea at all...
Probably on YouTube...?


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Ron, Robby,

there is a trailer on Youtube of this movie, but it doesn't capture the elements which have facinated my about this movie.
I don't want to post a direct link to the trailer here, since this is a family friendly forum and the movie is very brutal and very violent.
There is also an option to watch the entire movie on Youtube for 2,99€, but I don't know how that works.

The story is about young Buscape growing up in the "Citiy of God" (=name of a favela in Rio de Janeiro) in the late 60's.
He gets confronted with lots of violence and crime, especialy when a war between two rivaling drug lords breaks out.
Several other characters are beeing intoduced as well and the viewer can watch how those different characters are developing/responding to the circumstances under which they are living.

The author of the novel (Paulo Lins) on which the movie is based on, grew up in the Citiy of God himself. There he wittnessed some of the stories which are beeing shown in the movie.

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I've not seen this but read the reviews and it seems like a very powerful film.

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Sir Roger, you are right, it's a powerful film and reviced lots of good critiques/reviews.
It's hard to compare this movie to other movies, maybe Gomorrah (the 2008 movie based on the novel by Roberto Saviano) would roughly fit into the same "category".

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