Re: Remakes- the good, the bad, and the awful!

I tried to watch the original on two seperate occasions and I just couldn't get into it, personally.  I haven't seen the remake either... it is kind of interesting that the remake was done by the original director, but of course I'm sure everyone here knows that Astro Zombies was the first film to fit that bill :

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Re: Remakes- the good, the bad, and the awful!

I thought of the Blues Brothers today and while it's not technically a remake, the sequel does a lot of things the same as the original.
It's unfortunatly by far not up to the same level as the original. I actually didn't enjoy it in any way, while I love the original.


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Re: Remakes- the good, the bad, and the awful!

Ron May wrote:

I stand corrected. I was even wrong about the title of the book.

"The thing From Another World" (1951) , staring James Arness as The Thing, is the one that I consider the original.
It is based on the 1938 book, 'Who Goes There?' by John W. Campbell (writing under the pseudonym of Don A. Stuart).


I revisited this thread after the Time Machine and remake were mentioned in the First men on the moon thread and just for the record I want to add my two cents to the best one-two punch in movie history. I can‘t let the 1982 Thing go undefended. smile
The thing from another world gave me the chills as a child...one hell of a movie! Absolutely great. But it’s from the 50‘s ... limited possibilities for special effects.
So genius filmmaker John Carpenter (from 1976 to 1985 his movies were brilliant I think) took another route with the material, added some shock and special effects which still work today and made one of the best remakes ever and basically started another horror sub-genre although ‚The Thing‘ is more than just a gore effects movie like Re-animator etc. Both films are great and have their place, but the 1982 remake took it another level.