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Hey guys. I am really confused in this area of the forum. I am trying to find a list of the 10 challenges in this training exercise. I am confused. I can't seem to dig up the information. Probably just my newness to all of this. Can someone please help me out? I would really appreciate it. I have a whip being made for me and I want to get my ducks in a row before I receive it. I am very organized when it comes to something like this. I don't like confusion much when it comes to serious things like training. I like to mentally prepare ahead of physical preparation. big_smile


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Go to the 10/10 challenge main page, where all the threads are located.  There is a sticky thread at the top where it all starts.  go to page 1.  We start with the cattleman's crack and there are videos as you read through.  I should probably organize all those for new people into a condensed version, but the first crack is the cattleman's crack.  It starts here: http://www.whip-basics.com/forum/viewto … 615#p90615

One of these days when time is on my side, I'll try to clean this area up for you.  Until then, hunker down and read!!  Have fun

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Thank you Jessie! Smile next time you talk to me like that! lol


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*duck now Geoffrey* smile


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Hm.  My violent tendencies precede  me.

I hug the people I hate, so I know how big to dig the hole in the backyard.


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I'm not certain ducking would actually provide the adequate fortifications of safety Ron...

That's why I ended the statement with a smiley face full of pearly whites. I was hoping to actually get to keep my remaining ones.