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Hello everybody, I shot this video today of myself doing some cracking patterns with multiple cracks in a row. I apoligize, my video editing skills cannot match Robby's, so don't expect too much smile Please feel free to comment, let me know if this gives you any ideas or if you have any advice. I'll never be done learning.



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Grant, the whip you are using flows really nicely.
Your slow figure 8 is looking really very good.
Thanks for sharing. smile


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Nice clip Grant.

That whip moves so fast, the eye has to work hard to keep up! Some different combinations there, it's nice to see how you establish a flow.

I subscribed to your channel, hope that is OK.

Thanks for sharing!


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Ron, thank you for the compliment on the whip, it is definitely the finest one I've made. smile

Russel, thank you sir! I tend to like my whips a little lighter and faster than usual. You're more than welcome to subscribe to the channel. I don't post too often, but maybe with the 10/10 challenge and a little free time, I'll be uploading more frequently.


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Cool, thank you mate!
It would be awesome to see your contribution! 
I'll always be thankful for your advice when I had trouble with the underhand crack.  It really helped me.


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You're very welcome Russell! I'm glad I helped. I know I'm a younger guy, but I started cracking when I was about 12 years old, so I've had almost 9 years of practice now. I hope it shows, and it definitely helps me give some pretty good advice.


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9 years? That's great!  I remember being obsessed with Indiana Jones movies as a kid.  The whip was my favorite thing about him.  I used to watch and rewind all the parts where he used his whip, over and over.  What I would have given to start learning then!

I started whip cracking last year at age 41.  I guess it could be percieved as my mid-life crisis haha smile

School me up brother smile  I am like a sponge ready to soak up some knowledge big_smile


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Great Job Grant. Impressive skills. That whip is definitely fast.


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Grant, looks good. My only negative remark is that it looks like you may be muscling it just the tiniest bit. Aside from that,  your technique is awesome.

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Grant, that's great! Many thanks!

I'd agree with Jesse, though: you seem to be using more force than necessary. If you can do the same thing, in the same way, but with less force, I think it would look even more elegant!

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Very nice indeed smile. I'll concur with Jesse and Robert here, it's probably just camera nerves but it looks like you're muscling it a tad.

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Thank you all, I agree that I tend to over-do it a bit with the muscle. As seen in the Whip Nation video I made for Roy's site, I started cracking with duct tape attached to a pvc pipe, so it required me to muscle it too much. I like to think that if I had started with a good whip, I wouldn't be so inclined to do that, as it wouldn't have been necessary. Regardless, it's something for me to work on. Thank you so much for the comments!

Russell, I will do my best to set a good example and answer as many questions about cracking as possible. Robby's instructional videos are very helpful, I didn't teach myself with them, but every time I watch one I learn something new. smile I'm very glad you feel I can be a helpful resource in this area. It's where my passion for whips started.


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Thanks Grant,

I have the Whip Basics DVDs.  I have been learning from them, some YouTube videos and the good people here (Including yourself).

Thanks again for being kind enough to lend your experience to help me.

Cheers smile


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Grant, try to just slow it down. Your technique itself looks amazing. You want to slow it down just a bit so that you aren't forcing the Whip. It should crack almost on its own.

Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.
          -Mark Twain


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Grant,there's another thing that struck me about your latest video: you seem to bounce your whole body up and down from the knees with each crack. It looks very energetic - but also slightly nervous. Have you tried a slightly calmer approach? (I found long ago that one secret for slowing down, which works for me, is to visualise - to actually 'feel' - the tip of the whip as it moves.)

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I noticed the bounce too.  Can't say whether it's bad form or not seeing as how I'm probably the least experienced cracker here, but I found it refreshing to see some movement instead of the planted stiffness that is often seen.  Just my two cents.


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Personally I have found dynamic movement appealing, but if the correct way of learning is to be static to establish correct form I will follow suit and maybe incorporate movements when the time is right.


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I have found that it's helpful to have some relaxation and fluidity in movement of the whole body. I could be wrong, but I don't think it has a negative effect on my technique. I appreciate the comments though, something for me to think about.