Re: One-on-one Whip Swap - For Charlie

This makes me nuts.  This was such a cool project.  I can understand life happens and you can have setbacks, but damn it.  You agree to do it, do it.   This is why I didn't participate this time, I knew I could not follow though.  Shit.  I am very very sorry to everyone about this.  Even if James and Charlie are out of the forum, they should have gotten hold of you guys.  Do we have to draw up contracts now for the fun stuff to protect all involved now?  Ugh.  So triggered.  I'm sorry you guys.

Due to rising costs, dirty deeds are no longer done dirt cheap. 


Re: One-on-one Whip Swap - For Charlie

That is just a shame. Guy's don't let the actions of a few get you down.