The Dog Shelter Campaign 2017

Well... We have an annual whip lottery, in which everybodey can participate. And the money for the tickets goes - exactly; to the doggies. And to avoid any possible "misunderstandings" - with an official contribution receipt...!
Geoffrey Tucker


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Awesome!!! :)
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Tyler Blake
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High 5 y'all! *smack!*
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Ethan Mitchell
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Nice! This is really going strong. Those pups are going to be so spoiled.

Good luck to the winners whoever they might be!
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Scott A. Cary
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This is excellent!
I'll give it a try, Dad, but it's going to be really hard...kind of like trying to saw something in half using a banana.
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Jessie Edwards
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Today is the day! woohoo!
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Ron May
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I hadn't paid attention to the date until now.
It is the day!
To all those who bought tickets good luck.
For all those who donated prizes, thank you so very much.

Does anyone know when the drawing will be held?

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Robby Amper
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In the evening my time :) And...I have to apologize. I made a mistake adding all the donations.
I posted that it would be 693,54. In fact it is 795,44Euro!

For the protocoll: I asked Robert Gage and Roger Tuson to control all the donated money on my PayPal account.
That way it was made sure that even the last Cent went into the donation.

More tomorrow, when the video is uploaded.

Everything else on the donation - and the drawing...
Right here: viewtopic.php?id=5966


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