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Thanks Sparky!


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Jryi, the whip looks fantastic.

Diagonally parked in a parallel universe.


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It looks great and I‘m curious how it cracks  wink
The thread ran for a while now and I haven’t seen the original A.W. build video so I have to admit I forgot what the intention was here.
For me it looks like a „normal“ bullwhip, but I assume there’s less binding than usual?


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Wolfgang Adam plaites only one belly and does no binding. He also loosens his plaiting tension as he goes towards the tip.
Instead of 2 bellyes he binds paracord lenghtwise as a "belly".
Last whip on this thread has 2 plaited bellyes and lenghtwise paracord.

Intention here was to try out his way.


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Thank you Jyri! I think I remember the concept of a bundle of different length pieces of rope/paracord from the instant tape whip.