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So Nicks whipshop uploaded a video with Adam showing how he makes a whip.

As i said before that i'm going to try it to see what its all about.

There is some things that my head cant let my hands do wich are the loose plaiting, ungutted cord and very little binding.

I'm not going to bind as much as before but more than adam.

I used paracord from failed project. I have my normal core in there.

Here it is binded. As i plait everything from the tip i have to bind everything in place.

Interesting thing is that as this layer isn't plaited it has no spine so it already feels like a whip. When i plait bellyes they are just sticks.

To be continued..


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This will be an interesting experiment, Jyri.  As you describe it, Adam's method just sounds lazy!

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I watched this video and it's Adam's way to make a a 6ft, 16 plait, nylon bullwhip with a single 12 plait belly. 

I agree with Mr. Robert. This method is just lazy, but maybe he's too tired to do it any other way because of his fast, over muscled, cracking style.
He knows how to crack a whip, and he's very good at that kind of style, but making a whip, not so much.

It will be interesting how this experiment works out.


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Jyri, I'll be interested as well. The stock whip process Nick put up last year has actually worked well with some modifications, but a stock whip and bullwhip are different beasts altogether.

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I‘m on the interested list too - as probably everyone else here?! wink
I have yet to see the video (no wireless in my office, at least not for private stuff), but I assume it’s along the lines of what he has published some time ago. There’s already a discussion here somewhere...the video with the „paracord gets TIGHTER over time“ statement.
Tight plaiting and highspeed overhead combinations with lots of changes of the planes don’t go well together I think.
But then again that’s what stockwhips are better for anyway, aren’t they? In a bullwhip I‘d expect a strong transition area.


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Wolfgang, I believe you are right about the transition.

It is necessary to help transfer the energy put in to throwing the whip down the thong in the loop created.

With out a firm / strong transition a lot more energy, read muscle, must be put into a whip to make it crack.
But again, that's his style of cracking. I'm not saying it wrong, just not my way.

It's more impressive to me to make each crack look effortless and easy, even though it's not necessarily so.

His kind of cracking reminds me of Shakespeare, "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”


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That sounds pretty harsh, Ron  wink - I look at it this way: To the average person who’s not a whip enthusiast you absolutely HAVE to put on some spectacle to keep the audience interested...plain show business.
But in order to be able to do that the perfomer has to have perfect technique and timing (and could easily do it with much less force but the main audience wouldn’t care...)


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Wolfgang, he's a good performer, and has a lot of skills for what he does.
I'm also not saying it's wrong. It's just not my preferred style to do or watch.

The part of the quote that fit my view of his style was the part about sound and fury, signifying nothing but sound and furry.

Each to his own.


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I've tried this.  Actually my featherweighted whips are off of his style, only I taper twist a core, bind, and I add weight.

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Ii am also very interested in this Jyri

Today is a good day


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Interesting video. I'll admit, I began to nod off a few minutes in, but clicked through to see the important bits. I'm interested to see how this turns out, Jyri.

I'll give it a try, Dad, but it's going to be really hard...kind of like trying to saw something in half using a banana.


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I've watched this video. He makes whips that suit his performance style and I have nothing bad to say about that. Whip making is like many other human endeavors-there are many ways to arrive at a desired end. What works for you is what is important.

I've made whips that are bound tightly from the core through 3 bellies with closed-loop binding, I've made whips that have no binding whatsoever, and everything in between. Cow whips and stock whips actually seem to work better with less binding. I have a bullwhip from Blake Bruning that has very little binding and the transition is still very stiff. I have a whip of Bernie's that has moderate binding (if it is made the way he shows in his videos) and it is a lovely, heavy, slow-rolling whip. I've made cow whips and stock whips with little and no binding at all that I think perform superbly. I've got an 8-foot bull that I made when I first started, that has electrical tape, carpet tape, and 3 bellies, all bound tightly. It is still one of my favorite whips to play with.

I've changed the way I make whips over the last (nearly) 3 years, always trying different things, always trying to make a better whip, always trying to learn, always trying to make something I am proud of. Everyone has something to add to this wonderful hobby, and people that are willing to share what they know are a relatively new thing in the whip making world, so I am always willing to look at what they have to offer and see if it fit into my style.

Having said all that, I have to say that no one, anywhere makes better whips than Rachel. she is my hero, my inspiration, and she set the bar on what I think a whip should be.  I love the whips I own from  Jessie and Jyri and Collin, but the little stock whip I have of Rachel's is the best whip I own, and that includes the ones I own from Bernie and Blake. I should have a whip from Glen Denholm in my possesion soon, but I  do not think that it will usurp the little stock whip that i got from Rachel.

The point, I guess, is that everyone has different needs and ideas of what a whip should be. It is very much a personal preference. Find what ever suits you and grow from there.

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I’m very humbled by your words, Mark. 

Jyri, very interesting build!

Inch by inch.


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Rachel, own it.  its truth.  I saw that with one of your first cow whips I cracked when we met years ago.

Due to rising costs, dirty deeds are no longer done dirt cheap. 


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Yes, an experiment, going out of your comfortzone! This I will follow with interest.

Something you can learn unexpected things when doing something your not used to be doing.

I'm very curious how this will work out.


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Here is the belly

Here is the english eye.
I'm going to try to make the tip from 275 cord and add 550 when i plait more.


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Nice English eye. The 275 makes a good one.
I'm interested in how this turns out when you add the 550 cord.


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Here is the first add of 550. It was way easier than i tought.


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Nicely done Jyri.


I fully intend to haunt people when I die.
I have a list. smile


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Here it is in 20 plat. If this works i'm definetöy going to do next one with two colours.

I think it is going to be 24plat in the end.