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Albion is a tribute to my father's Royal Naval service. He joined the Navy as an Ensign in the 50s serving on a number of ships before joining the Fleet Air Arm flying fixed-wing and helicopters, rising to the rank of Flt Lt Cmdr on HMS Albion, one of the last aircraft carriers in the Royal Navy. I was christened by the ship's chaplain and they used the ship's bell as a font! Mum always told the story of how I would try and catch the immense bushy beard of the chaplain as he held me over the water big_smile

Anyway, with Dad approaching the end of his journey, I though I would create a whip that reflected his rank. The sleeve insignia for this rank consists of the Navy Wings above a circle sitting on a wide bar, a narrow bar and a wide bar, known as a two-and-a-half! I'm actually quite pleased with how it's come out. The thong is the straightest plaiting I've ever done with no twist at the tip at all. Unfortunately, because it was a bit of a rush job, I managed to cross a strand halfway down. You see it on the back side but the front is all good. I also mismanaged a couple of strand drops which are rather obvious from the rear. I really must tighten up on this type of detail!

6ft Bullwhip in Navy Blue and Goldenrod
16plt handle with Flt Lt Cmdr Rank detailed in Gold with 'HMS' for Her Majesty's Service
6pt tip with classic Fall Hitch

Pics, as always, aren't brilliant but I will take better ones once I'm back at home next weekend.




Back side of handle



Bad Drops! sad


Crossover sad


I'm not satisfied with the flaws but I'm happy with this. I can do better, and I will keep working to improve.

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I like the handle's fancy plaiting.
The thong looks nice and straight.
Except for the flaws you pointed out, it's nicely done.
Has your Dad seen it?


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I showed it to him in hospital a couple of days ago. He seemed to acknowledge it but his attention span is quite short at the moment. As to the plaiting, I am very pleased with it.

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Sir Roger, this is beautiful. It has a sort of synergy to it...the whole is certainly greater than the sum of its parts. Due to the meaning behind it as well, I think it rings true and makes it even more valuable! I commend you Sir!

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Sir - I like the navy(?) blue with the bright yellow. Hope it flyes just as good as it looks

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Sir Roger, this is a lovely and fitting tribute.  We all have some flaws, and these few you pointed out are only superficial.  The whip looks as it will fly and flow beautifully. Well done, Sir Roger.

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That looks great Roger!
It sucks when you have plaited long time and then you notice some mistakes.


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Roger, on my whips I call those signatures, not flaws.  smile   That's a good looking whip.

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Mark Elliott wrote:

Roger, on my whips I call those signatures, not flaws.  smile   That's a good looking whip.

THAT‘S the right attitude! wink
I like the color combination and plaiting pattern of the handle very much.
And Roger, my best wishes to your father, you and your family!


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I love everything about this whip for various reasons, even the flaws. The whip itself is beautiful, the colours work well together; The emotion and love put into it for your Father is beautiful to see; The plaiting is clean and straight, something to be proud of; And finally, the flaws show me that I can be less harsh on myself for small mistakes made.

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I absolutely love this, Roger! What a wonderful tribute this is. Very well done, Sir!

I'll give it a try, Dad, but it's going to be really hard...kind of like trying to saw something in half using a banana.


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Wow, great work, Roger. I really like the plaiting pattern on the handle, it looks so great and filigree.
The colour combination is absolutely amazing.

All the best wishes to you and your dad!

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Thank you everyone. Hopefully, finishing this one will kick my arse into getting some more started.

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I heartily endorse all of these tributes! (I've also had the pleasure of having this whip in my hand, when Roger called in between Scotland and London a little while ago. It's very fine indeed! We didn't crack it, to keep it as clean as possible.)

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I love this.  Everyone has a journey and great or small, they should be celebrated. It’s beautiful and since I am going into my first 2 color thong ( one side red the other blue) today, I’m going to look at this and draw my strength from it.

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Jessie, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.


Procrastination is totally a good thing. You always have something to do tomorrow, plus you have nothing to do today.