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A couple people asked to see some Paracord I was getting. Here is ~12,500 ft and 50lbs. of Paracord! That's a 1000ml nalgene bottle for size reference.  I purchased from a local manufacturer. They refer to them as "mil cut ends" which are basically extra that didn't fit on a finished spool or order. They collect them all and sell to me by the pound when there's enough to justify. My cost breaks down to about 1cent after shopping per foot. I would definitely encourage people, at least in the USA to find local manufacturers and just make a phone call and see what happens! It took me 4 places before one finally had no problem selling some. Smallest lengths are 20 feet and no longer than 100ft. Colors I don't like will be perfect for bellies, and I'll have plenty of options for overlays and knots. I love this hobby :-)

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The place that make Tyler's Wave Lace is within easy driving distance.  I've often though about stopping in.  Maybe I should...

I'll give it a try, Dad, but it's going to be really hard...kind of like trying to saw something in half using a banana.


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I am super jealous, the best I can do is black in 1000' spools @ 12¢/foot. Colour is 15.4¢/foot. And all our cord is imported from the states, so no chance of buying direct from manufacturer.

Still, awesome haul, look forwards to seeing what you make with it big_smile

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Colin, what a box of delights! (I hope your fingers are strong: there's a lot of plaiting ahead for you!)

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I don't know if there are any manufacturers in the UK but that box certainly makes it worthwhile finding out!

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