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I bought this leather whip years ago at Callahan's for about 35 bucks when I first wanted to learn to crack a whip. I was bored last night and decided to take it apart to salvage the leather and whatever else I could get out of it. The construction of this whip was pretty hilarious and honestly kind of interesting considering it actually cracked decently (albeit with more effort that it should take).

Get ready for a long post with a ton of photos.

So this was about a 6 foot whip. One overlay, no internal bellies, and one of the weirdest cores I've ever seen. It started in 8 plait and went down to 4 plait about halfway down the thong. I had already taken the transition know off when I took the first photo.

Detail of the handle which I assumes was pvc as it spun independently from the thong of the whip

Things started to get weird when I opened up the handle. The wood wasn't secured to the steel rod that made up the handle at all and it had some kind of metal cap welded to the end.

It actually had a nice looking fall hitch.

When I started to undo the plaiting, I found a core that appeared to be made of plastic grocery bags. it wasn't bound to anything and fell right out about 3/4 of the way from the handle.

Then I found this guy. another part of the core that seemed to be made of some fibrous rope. Again, bound to nothing and it fell out maybe halfway up the whip from the handle.

Then came the nylon rope and closer to the handle, some suede like leather that made up the transition. The first and only bit of the core that was bound in any way.

And finally the rusty spike that made up the foundation of the handle.

Ultimately I'd say I got a good bang for my buck with this cheapo whip. I learned the very basics of whip cracking and I got some material to use for heel know foundations.


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I just cant.. It's just so...wrong big_smile

Thank you for sharing! big_smile


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Yeah, there's all kinds of "WTF" in this whip.
Thanks for the forensic autopsy.
It gives me the willies just to look at it.


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Thanks for sharing Alexis. That was a good laugh's worth.

It's just sad to see a whip this way, then again, the price wasn't very high.
Robby made a video about a shitty whip, but it was sold a a high grade pro whip.
He took it apart and made a honest review about. Go check it out I'd say.


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Alexis, this is pretty cool, It's amazing how much trouble people go to just to make a crappy product. Wouldn't have been any harder, probably easier, to make the 4 plait stock whip from Edward's book and would have been a nice whip.

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Mark, I was thinking the exact same thing.

I'll give it a try, Dad, but it's going to be really hard...kind of like trying to saw something in half using a banana.


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Ha! Whoever made that whip, put a bit of effort into the handle covering, making it look like plaiting at a glance. Not the worst cheap whip I've seen, but not the best by a extremely long shot.
Mark, exactly! They could have done a better job by going with a simple single belly four plait whip. That is what I plan on doing for my first try at leather. Though, that will not likely be any time soon... a good hide and the tools to work it are out of my price range right now.

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One can only surmise that this was never meant to be used!

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Oh wow! That is just so... hilarious and disturbing all at the same time!

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It is amazing what people will pass off as "quality" when the buyer cannot see "behind the curtain" such as with this whip.  And what buyer is going to buy a whip just to take it apart?

A few years back I bought a "quality" stockwhip  online from a Western store in Colorado.  It was listed as kangaroo, 6ft, 8plait.  It was but so loose that it was unusable.  I unplaited it and found no belly and the core was strips of rounded cowhide leather.  Nothing shady there, I use the same method, but with an added belly.  I ended up making a new belly and replaited it.  It turned out to be longer in the end and quite a decent whip.  I later gave it to a friend to play around with.

I'd be interested to know who the maker was.  I have my suspicions.

You have a nice cowhide overlay there.  With some care you could rebuild this whip.

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I couldn't say who the maker was. It didn't have any branding or distinctive marks at all. I'm just going to re use the material for other purposes. I already used some of the leather from the handle for the foundation of a heel knot on a different whip.


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Alexis - you are lucky that you did not pay much for it.

A cheap whip is a cheap whip. Try to watch Robby's video under "Shitty whip makers and ripped off customers "


It's another kind of money you can loose, if you are not carefull.

Thanks for the pictures

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My first "real" whip was like this. Not exactly however. There was no leather on the handle at all. Albeit the handle was well finished the thing. I thought I had a classy stock whip as a kid.


I had this thing's cousin.