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Very, very nice, Gio! I love the colour!


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Beatiful Gio! I really love that heel knot!
What is double core?


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I love it, looks fantastic.


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Thank you All!!
Glad and proud you like it.
As I wrote i make this whip for him becouse he'll try to attempt a new whip record with a 6ft whip.
He ask me a whip with more leverage.
This is what he wrote to me :
I need a 6-foot bullwhip, light and tight, at least 12-plait. Everything else about it is up to you. It needs to spring back into position to crack again very quickly. I want to be able to do a series of Circus Cracks fast. This means I do not want to have to wait for the whip to reset between cracks. Is this understandable?

For this reason I developed a double core as inner core.
In other words over the handle there are two leather core and than the standard construction with belly, bolster etc..

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