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Hi everyone, My whip cracking has taken a bit of a turn of late. I've been especially hooked lately and I've been experimenting a little.
I wanted to try and apply a bit of movement to some whip techniques and stumbled upon a couple of things.
I also wanted to try and challenge myself a little and speed things up, conservatively feeling out what might work and what might not.
A few of you have already seen it and it's by no means perfect or anything like that, but I made a little video.
I can see much work that needs applying in my footwork in particular, but it's been a fun and learning experience so far.
I'd be happy to hear what you think, Cheers


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Smooth moves! You, did alright as well:)

Diagonally parked in a parallel universe.


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Thank you Mark!


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It looks like you're having fun, Russell!

I'll give it a try, Dad, but it's going to be really hard...kind of like trying to saw something in half using a banana.


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Nice cracking and cool moves.


Procrastination is totally a good thing. You always have something to do tomorrow, plus you have nothing to do today.


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Thanks guys. It is fun Scott! smile


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Yes, 'fun' definitely communicated!  smile

Russell, I'm struck by a major difference between your style and Robby's. (I'm not saying either is right or wrong - they're just different.) Robby's cracking communicates a calm, almost Zen-like meditative approach: there's a kind of 'interiority' about it. You, by contrast, are the 'dancer', radiating a 'whole-body energy'. Both styles area joy to watch - and I feel I can learn from both!

'Less is often more!'


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Thanks Robert, that was a very thoughtful comment. smile

I admire Robby's style very much and I understand what you mean. I am hoping that one day his style will be more evident in my execution.  (Years of practice ahead, I think) wink

Whenever I have taken up a sport or physical activity, hopefully with enough patience, due diligence and respect to the techniques, i'll eventually start processing them through my own 'filter' as it has always felt most natural to do so. (Hopefully I'm not jumping the gun.)

Whip Cracking feels kind of like life for me, with regards to continual development, evolution, ups and downs. But unlike all situations in life, you get out what you put into it.  In a lot of ways I get a personal satisfaction from it.

Thanks again Robert smile