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Here we go:


This is the whole draw. No editing, no cuts, no nothing. It's a long video but in case you want to know what happened...you have to watch it all  smile

And if you like to know how we made it to over 800.00 Euro in the end - thanks to Sir Roger...! - watch this supplemental vid.



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Congratulations most of all to the pups!  The biggest winners!  Thank you Robby, Sir Roger, and all of WB and the donators!  A great day for the pups!

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This video really made me laugh. It was fun.
It made me want to join in next time. It made me sorry for not donating.

Congratulations to the dogs and all the winners.

And thank you Robby, Roger and Mr. Robert. And thank you to all the donators.



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We really had a lot of fun! To know that we did all that for a good cause made it even more joyful. We did it all as open as any possible, and the money side was controlled by Robert and Sir Roger. The checked the PayPal account, compared it to my papers and so on. It was something like in a bank. Strange... But that way it was sure that in the end not one single Cent stayed in my pocket.

The reason why we had those strange numbers is this: I asked to send the donations as "Family and Friends" right away in my first entry. But - unfortunately - some folks decided to send it as business payment. And so - tataa - PayPal made some good money from those donations. Anyway - next year it will be even better. And next year anyone else will take care of all that, right?

In the end we made 800.- Euro for the doggies. And 44 cents...

This is one of the smallest forums ever.

16 donators.
38 members

800.00 Euro of donation.

Facebook. Whipmaker's Hook & other groups/forums
Hundreds and thousands of members.
Donation amount:      0.00

For my part I allow myself the luxury to say: "I am proud of what I have created, here".
Only for today. Not more. But when I see what this little group did, it makes all those forums,
experts, whip masters and whole Facebook - look quiet pathetic.

Imagine how much money they could collect and donate if they would only stop to show how
incredibly good and amazing they are. But instead of helping the doggies, instead of giving free
whips for such a donation campaign... They keep showing off. The keep assuring each other how
fantastic they are. It would've been fantastic if even one of the members of even one of those groups
would have donated a whip. Or bought even one ticket. But - nothing. And they knew about the
whole thing. It was posted on Facebook several times. Like I said - pathetic.

And I instantly hope that a lot of those guys read this. They already hate me.
So...that's okay.

And to all of you who donated and bought tickets... For this day you all can pet yourself on your shoulders
and say "I did a good thing. I served a great cause. I'm a hero!"
But only today, okay? We won't overdo it  smile

Thank you. From all the doggies who will live on.
And from me.

Robert Amper

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Just watched the video.  Congratulations Robbie, Sir Roger, and Robert on a successful and "clean/honest" drawing.  And congratulations on raising such a large amount for the Doggies.

Here's wishing you find time for the things you want to do, and for the things you need to do.
We see ourselves in our children and hope for a better future.


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The amount of money which has been raised is remarkable considering the fact that we are such a small forum.
Thank's to everyone who has been participating in this campaign!

1,2,3 woooff smile


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Robby, Sir Roger, and Robert, thank you very much for the hilarity that ensued during that video. It was a perfect thing to watch with the morning cup of coffee.

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How in the world could I have missed Mr. Robert?  Thank you, very much, for your contributions as well! 

Goodness the Rabbits didn't fair too well did they? wink

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Great job everyone. You all did an amazing job!


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Great job Robert, Robby and Sir Roger.
Nicely, honestly, and transparently done.


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Im reading all the Comments on my phone in a slow internet Connection but now I can't wait to get home and enjoy all the fun you had.

Congratulations with the result.

And Robby are quite right about forums. Most people just want the entertainment and are absolute not interested in making any kind of personal offers or involvement.
That’s what makes you in here different.

Well done

Today is a good day


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Thank you for doing this.  My entire family enjoyed the video, especially my son who.  He remarked today that, "Robby is always so serious on the whip videos. Today, he's just one of the three crazy brothers."

To all of those who have donated prizes and purchased tickets, thank you!  I find it amazing that such a small group of people can do so much good in such a short period of time.  Well done!

I'll give it a try, Dad, but it's going to be really hard...kind of like trying to saw something in half using a banana.


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Awesome and organized work Robby, Roger, and Mr. Robert. Thank you for the laughs. Congratulations to all the winners especially the doggies.

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Thanks for the video. My wife were laughing alle the way through. ¨

Theres is only one question left -- where did that dead rabbit come from smile

Well done and thanks for the laughter

Today is a good day


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Well Done Robby, Robert, and Roger!  I had to stream this on the living room TV, it just wouldn't do to watch this on the tablet. big_smile

I look forward to this every year, and I'm already looking forward to the next one. 

Congratulations to all the winners, thanks to all the donators, and to the doggies, "Woof" and fistbump smile

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That was a lot of fun! So glad you all enjoyed it, and well done and thank you to all for your donations of prizes and the so, so generous people who bought loads and loads of tickets each. You know who you are!

Better start planning our donations for next year. big_smile


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Sir Roger, I love the signature line smile
I really appreciate all that each member did.  Those pups deserve it.

I think I'm going to practice my knife skills a lot, I think I need to make a leather whip for next year.

Inch by inch.


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That is some good amount of money to good purpose! This was very nice thing to watch.


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I loved the "1 2 3 woof" at the end!! haha
Thanks Robby, Sir Roger and Robert for doing the drawing, and congrats to the winners and the dogs who'll benefit from this money! ^_^

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Re: The drawing - dog shelter Donation 2017

Yesterday very late in the evening (you can say night) I saw the drawing. I was very tiered, because of working all the day and all the weekend sad
I am very sad, that I could not be with Robby, Robert and Roger. Mario also had a weekend full of work... sad

But at the end of the video I was very surprised to hear my name smile

Thank you very much and congratulations to all donated. It's a great thing for the Doggys smile

All the best,

Mistakes are just decoration wink