Topic: Why "Terror in the Aisles"...?

Pretty simple. That title is an hommage to Donald Pleasence, an english actor who died in February 1995. He was one of those actors who you instantly recognized when you saw him. But nobody could remember his name. He was in the (original!) movie "Fantastic Voyage", he was Dr. Loomis in "Halloween" by John Carpenter, he was the bad guy in "James Bond - You only live twice" he was the priest in "Prince of Darkness" and many, many more. I bet that the most of you would look at him, saying "I know that guy...!" snapping your fingers, guessing what his name is. Once he was the host in a movie - or better, a sampler - in which all the famous evil guys in modern film history were introduced. And the title of that sampler was...it was...right. "Terror in the Aisles" smile

And so I can't think of a better name for this thread. Donald Pleasence was one of those actors who never received an Oscar. But he supported a whole lot of actors in roles they got the Oscar for. We can't give him an Oscar. But I can call a thread after this great man.

So... If you like to talk about movies - or you'd like to recommend a movie or a show; this is the place. I am sure that this thread will not be "crowded". Actually it will be a more dark and silent place. But not dark, because of the Vampires who fear the sun. I call it dark, because everybody waits for the magic moment, when the lights go down, the curtain opens and - the movie starts.


*Those who watched the other threads know exactly what it is about "Legend", right...? 

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Re: Why "Terror in the Aisles"...?

I loved Donald Pleasence and the parts he plaid.
I remember him in all of the movies you mentioned.
He was a very underrated actor who probably will not receive too much recognition, aside from Terror in the Aisles, that he deserves.

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Re: Why "Terror in the Aisles"...?

The bad guy preacher in the Charlton Heston movie "Will Pence"!  And who "Dr. Evil" is a parody of the character he played in the 007 movie!  "Soldier Blue" I think he also was the trader who sold guns to the Indians.
Fantastic actor.

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Re: Why "Terror in the Aisles"...?

Robby, I'm sure, knowing that your Nerd Credentials are quite in order, that you watched The Outer Limits... there was an episode called The Man With the Power that he starred in that is really excellent, and even though it's less well known than his movie roles it's how I always think of him smile

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Re: Why "Terror in the Aisles"...?

I actually remember him best as the guy who went blind in The Great Escape.

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Re: Why "Terror in the Aisles"...?

I have never been a big movie watcher for the most part but I think it is wonderful you guys have a place to discuss. I still enjoy reading what you guys write here. I am more of the documentary type. Keep it coming this is interesting to read smile


Re: Why "Terror in the Aisles"...?

Craig Frank wrote:

I actually remember him best as the guy who went blind in The Great Escape.

Oh! That Guy!  Now I remember him.

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Re: Why "Terror in the Aisles"...?

The Great Escape I think I enjoyed the most of his films. He was a very good and underrated actor. Fun fact, he was the host of the SNL episode where the LA punk band FEAR broke a few cameras.